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EGE-Elektronik Special Sensors GmbH has been developing and manufacturing special purpose sensors for automation applications since 1976. The company serves leading international producers from a wide range of industries. Its product portfolio includes flow controllers, infrared, opto and ultrasonic sensors, capacitive proximity switches, light barriers and inductive proximity switches. EGE also provides sensors for highly sensitive applications, e. g. hazardous areas. The development department`s highly qualified staff cooperates closely with all customers, ensuring continuous product updates and enhancement.
EGE has been a pioneer in the field of flow control and an innovator and decisive participant in the development of today's globally utilized thermal flow controllers. The in-house EMC and test laboratories ensure that all inspections and tests required for permits and conformity certificates are carried out quickly and reliably. Product quality is guaranteed with a continuously monitored quality management system in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2000.
The thermal flow controllers by EGE can be used wherever flows have to be monitored. The standard one-piece sensors are made from the very durable V4a stainless steel (DIN 1.4571). For especially aggressive fluids, EGE manufactures sensors made from special materials such as bronze, Hastelloy, titanium or even PTFE. EGE flow controllers are reliable units for the automation industry, chemical industry, and wherever flows have to be monitored in a safe, robust and low-maintenance manner.

Flow sensors Series 400 / Series 500
Probe Series ST / STK
Probe high temperature 120 °C Series ST
Probe chemical resistant Series STA
Compact models Series SC 440 / SCS 440
Compact models Series SNS 450 / SN 450
Compact models with analog output Series SNS 450 / SN 450
Compact models with two switching points Series SN 450
Compact models with temperature controll Serie SNT 450
Compact models with turn on/off delay Series SN 450
Inline-Sensor Series SD
Inline-Compact Series SDN / SDNC
Special-Probe Food / Pharma Series SCB / STB / STC
Inline-Compact Series SDB / SDN / SDTN
Flow sensors Inline-Flow monitoring Series SDN / SDV / SDI
Inline-Compact with digital display Series SDN 552 / SDN554
Vortex-Measuring device with digital display Series SDV 652
Magnetic flowmeter with digital display Series SDI 852 / SDI 853

EGE airflow controllers are defined by their quick response and reliable function. The applied function principle does not require any moveable parts for the airflow controllers, which is why they well suited for use in aggressive environments. Airflow controllers are available for flows from 0.2 m/s to 25 m/s.
Air flow sensors Series 400 / Series 500 models :
Probe Series LTZ 421
Compact models Series LN / LG / LD
Compact models Series LNZ 450
Compact models sleeve mounting Series LN 450
Compact models air flow Series LDN

Level controllers without moveable parts are available in various versions and are extremely resistant to soiling. Capacitive level controllers are available for gases to -200 °C as well as hot glue up to +230 °C. PTFE and PEEK are here the preferred materials because they prevent adhesions. Opto fill sensors with glass or PSU tip do not require a medium adjustment and are simply added top the tank. These sensors are also available as explosion-proof units in accordance with ATEX. Ultrassonic sensors, pressure controllers or the capacitive high-temperature measuring probe KFA continuously monitor and log fill levels
Level sensors models : 

Microwave meter Series MFP
Microwave meter Series MFM
Microwave-Compact Series MFC
Microwave-Compact Series MFK
Integral switches Series KGF / KGMR / KGFR / KA / KB / KFC Opto-integral switches Series UFGS / UFS
Conductive sensor Series CFC
Analog-sensors up to 200 °C Series KFA
– 230 °C-Low temperature Series KGFP
230 °C-High temperature Series KGFT / KGFT-CER
Amplifiers Series KK / KU / KUA
Level sensors for Ex-applications
Ex-sensors Zone 20 - 22 Series KGEX
Ex-opto sensors Zone 0 Series UFGS...Ex / URFG...Ex
Ex-sensors Zone 0 - 1 Series TF...Ex
Ex-sensors Zone 0 Series KEAC
Ex-sensors Zone 0 up to 200 °C Series KGFT...Ex / Ex-Preamplifier Series KK 030 Ex
Ex-amplifiers Series EGE 90 Ex / EGE 903 Ex
Ex-amplifier Zone 1 Series SF3
Ex-housing for amplifiers Zone 1/21 System GAM
Ex-housing for screw terminals Zone 1/21 Series GK

EGE offers special inductive proximity switches for special applications. Focus is on TROPICAL switches which exceed IP 69K with a temperature range up to +120 °C and is optimally suited for corrosive environments. High temperature switches up to 160 °C are also offerd. Other hot area sensors can be used in temperatures up to 250 °C. The lower end of the temperature scale is at -60 °C and applies to the POLAR switches. Large switching distances up to 170 mm and sensors resistant to rolling oils made from PTFE, PP or PEEK are also available for the food industry. Intrinsically safe ex-classified sensors according to ATEX and compact dust-EX and gas-EX sensors complete the product program.
Analog sensors
Metal sleeve M12 / M18 / Series IGA
Long sensing range Ø 80 mm Series IDA
High temperature 160 °C Series IGT
Standard switches
Metal sleeve M12 / M18 / M30 Series IGM
Smooth-bodied switches Ø 20 mm / Ø 34 mm Series INK
Special functions
Surface sensors Series IFE
Offshore Series IGMO
Washing resistant Series IDKW
Factor 1 Series IGB / IDB
Ex-Zone 20, compact model Series IGEX20
Ex-Zone 0/20, intrinsically safe Series IGEX
Ex-Zone 22, compact model Series IGEX / IGVEX
Ex-Zone 20, compact model Series IDEX20
Ex-Zone 0/20, intrinsically safe Series IDEX
Ex-Zone 22, compact model Series IDEX
Ex-amplifiers Series EGE 90 Ex / EGE 903 Ex / IKM 122 EX

Capacitive proximity switches are available as IP 69K sensors up to 90 °C and well suited for corrosive environments. High temperature switches for temperatures up to 200 °C are available as well. Large switching distances up to 120 mm and sensors made from PTFE or PEEK, especially well-suited for the food industry, are also part of the product program. These special sensors are also extremely resistant to chemicals. Analog sensors determine distances. EX-proof sensors in accordance with ATEX are available as dust-EX and gas-EX sensors.

Capacitive switches and sensors
Standard switches plastic M12 Series KGK
Standard switches metall M18 Series KGM
Standard switches plastic M18 Series KGK
Standard switches metall M30 Series KGM
Standard switches plastic M30 Series KGK
Smooth-bodied switches Ø 20 mm und Ø 34 mm plastics Series KNK
Long sensing range Series KD / KNK
Special switches PTFE-thread M30 Series KGFW.
Special switches PTFE-housing Ø 35 mm Series KNFW
200 °C-High temperature Series KGMT
Analog sensors Series KGA / KDA
Amplifiers for High temperature switches Series KK / KU 
Capacitive sensors for Ex-applications
Dust Ex-Sensors Series KGEX / KDEX
Ex-amplifiers Series EGE 903-Ex

Here you will find cross section converters to control the edges of bands or detect band interruptions as well as high performance photoelectric barriers and reflex sensors for large distances.

Infrared detectors are used wherever and whenever temperatures have to be monitored and conventional sensors would fail due to excessive heat. EGE infrared detectors are characterized by an especially robust, industrial design and construction that protects the unit from mechanical stresses. The units are built in accordance with IP 68 and are thus waterproof up to 3 bar and resistant to high-pressure cleaning methods as well as temperature and climate fluctuations (IP 69K). The fiber glass optic is designed for the most extreme environmental conditions and can withstand temperatures up to 250°C, special version versions even up to 500°C.

Product range of EGE Infrared Detector :
Series ODMO
Series OD 100
Series ODE

EGE ultrasonic sensors for contactless measuring of distances are robust in design and waterproof (IP 67.) They are available for switching points from 10 to 3500 mm and are programmable as well
Series ARK
Series AGK
Product range of EGE Ultrasonic Sensor:
Series ARK
Series AGK

EGE's programmable temperature sensors feature a compact design and two switching outputs or one analog output. The easy-to-read digital display depicts the temperature to an accuracy of one position after the decimal point.

Series TN 553Product range of EGE Temperature Sensor:
Series TN 552

EGE pressure sensors feature a flush aluminum ceramic gauge head and are thus suitable for monitoring pressures and fill levels of even polluted and viscous media.

Product range of EGE Pressure Sensor:
Series DN 752

EGE metal detectors are reliable and robust. They are designed for outside applications in harsh climates. The metal detector System 3000 is designed to detect medium-sized and larger parts. The system has a very effective sensitivity setting. Together with the amplifier MU 3300, it responds to medium-sized parts such as nails, nuts or pieces of flatware when set to the highest sensitivity setting. Together with the amplifier MDV, it only responds to larger metal parts such as the teeth of an excavator shovel, equipment or tool parts or paneling. Such parts could damage stone-crushing machines, vibratory equipment, or wood-chipping machines.
When used in this manner, the metal detector is suitable for protecting machinery by preventing that larger parts interrupt operation of the equipment. It detects metal during bulk material transport by means of contactless measurements.

Product range of EGE Metal Detector:
Series MU
Series MDV

EGE provides a broad product range of sensors for gas EX areas. EGE gas EX sensors are intrinsically safe and are therefore operated with an external EX amplifier (Zener barrier, isolating switch amplifier), which limits the amount of energy that can be brought to an EX environment (Zone 0 or Zone 1). The switching units are either set up outside of the EX area or can be operated in Zone 1 (example: SS400 Ex or SF3).

Flow controllers for use in the chemical industry are made from stainless steel (V4A / 1.4711) or different special materials such as Hastelloy or titanium so that they are also suitable for aggressive media.
To monitor fill levels, EGE supplies devices suitable for aggressive or corrosive media and high temperatures up to 195°C (in temperature class T3).
The inductive proximity switches feature N+N technology (type Namur)
Series STSEX
Series STS / ST
Series STS
Series KEAC
Series KGFT ...  Ex
Series UFGS... Ex
Series TF... Ex

EGE manufactures proximity switches and flow controllers for areas at risk for dust explosions. They are operated with a separate switching unit (Zener barrier / isolating switch amplifier) and are approved for use in Zone 20 or Zone 21, which means in areas with an almost always or frequent atmosphere subject to dust explosions.
For areas where hazardous/explosive materials are rare (Zone 22), EGE provides compact units that do not need an external switching device (Zener barrier) and are connected the same way standard proximity switches or flow controllers
Series STS - Air flow probe
Series LG - Air flow controller