Types and Model Nanaboshi Electrical Connector

Nanaboshi Connector has various models with contact(s) ranging from 1 pin up to 40 pins, then there are models wotj amphere capacity ranging from 3 Amphere up to 500 Ampere with low voltage around 6.6 KV.

Nanaboshi Connector manufactured by Nanaboshi Electric mfg co. Ltd from Japan. And for the connection system is welded instead of using screw. Materual from these Connector, for the housing connector, it uses aluminum alloy and zinc alloy.

The whole set of Nanaboshi Connector consists of two main part, plug and receptacle, with insert contact in the form of insert pin, and often referred to as male contact, and socket insert thats often referred to as female contact.

Nanaboshi Connector Components

Nanaboshi connector mempunyai contact ada male contact dan female contact sementara contact tersebut di asembly dalam insulator yang disebut dengan insert yang juga ada dua type yaitu socket insert dan pin insert..

Nanaboshi Connector has two types, the S type and the G type which classifications determined based on shells shape, which inside is located pin insert or socket insert.  

Nanaboshi Connector only has circular-shaped construction and commonly referred to as the term cingular connector.
nanaboshi connector 
Nanaboshi connector  has many variants and these are some characteristic of  Nanaboshi connector:
  • Contact / pin : available from 1 contact to 40 contact
  • Rating of ampere : available from 5 Ampere to 500 ampere
  • Rating of voltage : available from 125 volt to 660 volt
  • Shell / body material : zinc alloy, Syntetic resin , alumunium alloy, Brass die casting.
  • Insulator material : Synthetic resin, epoxy resin,
  • Contact material : copper alloy with nickel plating, silver plating atau gold plating finishing
  • Finishing shell/body: crape chrome plating, blacken ( black chemical plating ), chrome plating.

Model and Types of Nanaboshi Connector

Nanaboshi has various model and series, these are Nanaboshi connector series that are commonly used in industry:

NCS series Nanaboshi Connector

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NET series Nanaboshi Connector

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NEW series Nanaboshi Connector

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NJW series Connector Nanaboshi

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NRseries Nanaboshi Connector

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NWPC series Nanaboshi Connector

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NT series Connector Nanaboshi

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