Sibas Electric Connector

Introduction to Electric Connector

The most popular electric connector with the largest population in the world is Harting connector  products from Germany. However, there are many electric connectors that have the same type and dimensions as harting with prices that are quite competitive.

Meanwhile, with quality that is not inferior to the Harting electric connector, there is TE conectivity connector from the UK, which is manufactured in China as well as the Harting connector.

For Harting electric connector, it has a very diverse types and models. The connectors are available in materials from aluminum, stainless steel, and also non metal material. And the number of contacts is also very diverse, ranging from 1 pin to hundreds of pins and combinations are also available.

Types and Models of TE Connectivity

TE electric connector models have varietion of series:
  1. HA Series
  2. HE Series
  3. HEE Series 

  4. HD Series
  5. HDD Series
  6. HSB Series
  7. HEAV Series
  8. HK Series
  9. HWK Series
  10. HQ  Series
  11. HM  Series
  12. Cable Protection accessories
  13. Hood and Housing
  14. Special Hood and Housing
Then there is also SIBAS connector which comes in many housing and hood shapes, and a very diverse number of contacts, available from 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 15, 8, 24 up to 120. The number of contacts in a connector is based on types and applications used.
Hood shapes, while comes in high construction uses, also comes in standard shape, the leveler also available in single and double. for more detailed information, you can click on each series of SIBAS connector mentioned above.