Parker D1FP Hydraulic Proportional DC Valve

The direct operated control valve D1FP of the nominal size NG06 (CETOP 03) shows extremly high dynamics combined with maximum flow. It is the preferred choice for highest accuracy in positioning of hydraulic axis and controlling of pressure and velocity. Driven by the patented VCD® actuator the D1FP reaches the frequency response of real servovalves. Compared with solenoid driven valves the D1FP can also be used in applications with pressure drops up to 350 bar across the valve. Because of the high flow capability the D1FP can be a substitute for NG10 valves in some cases. At power-down the spool moves in a defined position. All common input signals are available.


  • Real servovalve dynamics (-3 dB / 350 Hz at ±5 % input signal)
  • No flow limit up to 350 bar pressure drop through the valve
  • Max. tank pressure 350 bar (with external drain port y)
  • High flow
  • Defined spool positioning at power-down - optional P-A/B-T or P-B/A-T or center position (for overlapped spools)
  • Onboard electronics


DesignDirect operated servo proportional DC valve
ActuationVCD® actuator
SizeNG06 / CETOP 03 / NFPA D03
Mounting interfaceDIN 24340 / ISO 4401 / CETOP RP121 / NFPA
Mounting positionunrestricted
Ambient temperature[°C]-20...+50
MTTFD value1)[years]150
Vibration resistance[g]10 Sinus 5...2000 Hz acc. IEC 68-2-6
10 (RMS) Random noise 20...2000 Hz acc. IEC 68-2-36
15 Shock acc. IEC 68-2-27
Max. operating pressure[bar]Ports P, A, B 350, port T 35 for internal drain, 350 for external drain, port Y 35 2)
FluidHydraulic oil according to DIN 51524 ... 535, other on request
Fluid temperature[°C]-20...+60 (NBR: -25...+60)
FiltrationISO 4406; 18/16/13
Nominal flow at ∆p=35 bar per control edge3)[l/min]3 / 6 / 12 / 16 / 25 / 40
Flow maximum[l/min]p=350 bar over two control edges)
Leakage at 100 bar[ml/min]90 (at ∆p=350 bar over two control edges)
Opening point[%]<400 overlap="" spool="" td="" zerolap="">
Static / Dynamic
Step response at 100 % step 4)[ms]<3 .5="" td="">
Frequency response (±5 % signal) 4)[Hz]350 (amplitude ratio -3 dB), 350 (phase lag -90°)
Hysteresis[%]<0 .05="" td="">
Sensitivity[%]<0 .03="" td="">
Temperature drift[%/K]<0 .025="" td="">
Electrical characteristics
Duty ratio[%]100
Protection classIP65 in accordance with EN 60529 (with correctly mounted plug-in connector)
Supply voltage/ripple[V]DC 22 ... 30, electric shut-off at < 19, ripple < 5 % eff., surge free
Current consumption max.[A]3.5
Pre-fusing[A]4.0 medium lag
Input signal 
Code BVoltage[V]10...0...-10, ripple <0 .01="" 0...="" eff.="" free="" p-="" surge="" v="">A
Code ECurrent[mA]20...0...-20, ripple <0 .01="" 0...="" eff.="" free="" ma="" p-="" surge="">A
Impedance[Ohm]<250 td="">
Code SCurrent[mA]4...12...20, ripple <0 .01="" 12...20="" eff.="" free="" ma="" p-="" surge="">A
<3 .6="" ma="disable,">3.8 mA = according to NAMUR NE43
Impedance[Ohm]<250 td="">
Differential input max.Code 0[V]30 for terminal D and E against PE (terminal G)
Code 5[V]30 for terminal 4 and 5 against PE (terminal
Code 7[V]30 for terminal D and E against PE (terminal G)
Enable signal (only code 5/7)[V]5...30, Ri = > 8 kOhm
Diagnostic signal[V]+10...0...-10 / +12.5 error detection, rated max. 5 mA
EMCEN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4
Electrical connectionCode 0/76 + PE acc. EN 175201-804
Code 511 + PE acc. EN 175201-804
Wiring min.Code 0/7[mm²]7x1.0 (AWG 16) overall braid shield
Code 5[mm²]8x1.0 (AWG 16) overall braid shield
Wiring length max.[m]50
1) If valves with onboard electronics are used in safety-related parts of control systems, in case the safety function is requested, the valve elec-tronics voltage supply is to be switched off by a suitable switching element with sufficient reliability
2) For applications with pT>35 bar (max. 350 bar) the Y-port has to be connected and the plug in the Y-port has to be removed.
3) Flow rate for different ∆p per control edge: Qx = QNom. · √ ∆px∆pNom.
4) Measured with load (100 bar pressure drop/two control edges).

Download Datasheet: Parker D1FP Direct Operated Proportional DC Valve