Parker BD Series Servo Valve

Series BD servovalves provide high resolution in the control of position, velocity and force in motion control applications.


  • Rugged reliable trouble-free operation.
  • Reduced contaminant sensitivity.
  • Linear flow gain characteristics.
  • Intrinsically safe model available.
  • Explosion proof model available.


When used in conjunction with Series BD90 and BD101 servo amplifiers or a motion controller, Series BD valves will provide accurate control of rotary and linear actuators.


Rated Flow3.78-151 LPM (1.0-40 GPM)
Linearity≤ 5%
Hysteresis≤ 3%
Threshold≤ 0.5%
FluidMineral oil, 60-225 SSU, max. 1000 SSU
Operating Temperature-1 to +82ºC (+30 to +180ºF)
Pressure Gain3% of spool shift
Null Shift
with temperature
with Supply Pressure
<±2% per 38ºC (100ºF)
<2 69="" bar="" per="" psi="" td="">
Quiscent (Std. Spool Lap)
BD15 - 1.5-2.1 LPM (.40-.55 GPM)
BD30 - 2.1-3.78 LPM (.55-1.0 GP)
Step Response
ModelTypical Step Response Input
BD1510 to 90 %, 26 ms
BD1510 to 90 %, 26 ms
Pressure Range
For optimum performance, Parker Servo Valves are designed to operate within specific system supply pressure ranges.
System Supply Pressure
180-210 Bar(2600-3000 PSI)48-66 Bar(700-950 PSI)
138-172 Bar(2000-2500 PSI)14-45 Bar(200-650 PSI)
95-133 Bar(1400-1950 PSI)0-210 Bar(0-1000 PSI)
68-90 Bar(1000-1300 PSI)
External Pilot
FiltrationSAE Class 3 or beter, ISO code 17/15/12
Protection ClassNEMA 1 (IP54)

Download Datasheet: Parker BD Series Servo Valve