APG Intrinsically Safe Modbus Display MDI

APG Intrinsically Safe Modbus Display MDI

The MDI Intrinsically Safe Modbus Display provides a local display in a Class I, Zone 1 hazardous area that can monitor and control a sensor in either a Class I, Zone 0 or Class I, Zone 1 area. The MDI can supply power to the sensor it controls, creating a complete monitoring-and-control system within the hazardous area. The MDI can also be connected to monitoring equipment outside the hazardous area through an IS barrier, allowing readings from the sensor to be seen across the monitoring or control network. Modbus control and display in hazardous areas. Class I, Zone 1 display that can power and control a Class I, Zone 0 or Class I, Zone 1 sensor, with optional connection to external monitoring network.

Self Contained, Intrinsically Safe Monitoring and Control System

An MDI can be paired with an Intrinsically Safe sensor to create a simple and complete monitoring system for hazardous locations. No IS barriers or outside connections are necessary.

Power Conservation Applications

The MDI's Timed Interval configuration lets you set the amount of time both the MDI and the sensor it is controlling are powered up. Less time ON means longer battery life.

Additional Monitoring Options

With the Auxiliary Connection option, an external Modbus system can be connected to "sniff" the MDI. This connection does require an approved IS barrier.


  • Large, full 5-digit display with 0.4 in. characters
  • Environmentally sealed housing; IP66
  • User selectable units of measure (barrels, cubic inches, liters, cubic meters, gallons, million cubic feet, cubic feet, custom)
  • Software-based switchable power control for connected sensor
  • Auxiliary connection allows for remote waking of MDI



RS-4852400, 9600, 19200, 38400 baud
Display readingsVolume


Battery Power3 - 3.6V Lithium
 Low battery detection with 25% increments


MaterialPressure die cast Aluminum
Sizes3"∅ face: 4.92"W, 4.15"H, 3.74"D (125mmW, 105.5mmH, 95mmD)
 4"∅ face: 5.71"W, 4.94"H, 4.21"D (145mmW, 125.5mmH, 107mmD)
Display5 digit LCD, 0.4 in. digits

Download Data Sheet: Intrinsically Safe Modbus Display MDI

Ref: apgsensors.com