Bamo Turbidity Controller TURBISWITCH GS4


Bamo Turbidity Controller TURBISWITCH GS4
Bamo Turbidity Controller TURBISWITCH GS4[/caption]

TURBISWITCH GS4 in use with a probe CP2 or a cell TURBISWITCH GA is an optical turbidity detector for determining the proportions of solids in a liquid. The output signal (On/Off) is triggered when the detection value is reached. The turbidity measurement is based on the optical attenuation of light beam : loss due to undissolved solids in the liquid. Light beam in infrared wave lengths makes the measurement insensitive to extraneous light. When exceeding or falling below the set turbidity value, the output relay of control unit GS4, switches.

Bamo Turbidity Controller TURBISWITCH GS4 Includes :

  • 1 Control unit TURBISWITCH GS4
  • 1 Immersion probe CP2


  • 1 Control unit TURBISWITCH GS4
  • 1 Cell TURBISWITCH GA.. for in-line measurement

The plastic or metallic measuring cells TURBISWITCH GA .. can be installed in pipping from DN15 to DN125.


  • Low-cost turbidity limit detector
  • 3 adjustable limit ranges (LOW / Medium / HIGH)
  • Adjustable delay and hysteresis
  • 2 Output relays (N.O. contact)
  • 1 Output fault relay (N.O. contact)


In conjunction with the corresponding sensors TURBISWITCH CP2 or TURBISWITCH GA

  • Monitoring of:
    • Filtering units
    • Ultrafiltration
    • Reverse osmosis
  • Monitoring from:
    • Centrifuges
    • Separators
    • Condensates
    • Processed water
    • Wastewater
  • Phase control of:
    • Product: raw and clear phase
  • Sludge level detection in:
    • Settling tank
    • Sedimentation tanks

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Main supplyGS4 G: Version 100 ... 255 V AC ; 50/60 Hz
 GS4 D: Version 10 ... 30 V DC and 12 ... 24 V AC
Operating temperature-10 ... +45°C
Relay outputs2 Relay outputs, potential-free, N.O. contact
 (Limit exceeded; Below the limit)
 1 Relay output, fault of system, potential-free, N.O. contact
When the supply voltage is switched off, all contacts are open. 
Switching power:250VAC,3A/30VDC,1A
Housing dimensions:22.5 x 100 x 122 mm
DIN Rail:35 x 7.5 mm (DIN EN 60715)
Protection:IP 40
Terminals:Screw connectors, max. 1.5 mm²
Limit setting:0... 100% in 3 measuring ranges (depending on the solids content)
 LOW (by steps of 5%); Medium (by steps of 2%); HIGH (by steps of 1%)
Reset hysteresis:Adjustable from 1 to 25 % of set limit
Cable length:Max. 100 m between sensor and control unit
Display:2-1 / 2-digit 5x7 LED dot matrix display
Settings:Rotary/ pressure switch on front


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