Bmeters RFM-TXE Wireless M-BUS module for pulse output meters

RFM-TXE Wireless M-BUS module for pulse output meters

B METERS is an Italian company that has been designing, producing, and distributing instruments and solutions for measuring the consumption of water and energy used for heating and cooling, for over 25 years.

The yearly production currently exceeds 1,800,000 units putting B METERS in a leading position both at the national and European level.

B METERS SRL operates both nationally and internationally supplying the water companies, the industry, and the private market.

The RFM-TXE module transmits via radio the lecture data of 1 or 2 meters equipped with a pulse output device. This allows transmitting via Wireless M-BUS the data acquired by the meters that don’t allow the installation of the integrated radio module solution. The module can be connected to any meter equipped with pulse output, of any brand, size, and version. The configuration and the reading of the radio signal should be performed with the RFM-RX2 receiver linked to a PC.

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Technical Features

TRANSMISSION PROTOCOLW-Mbus EN13757-4 @868 MHz ≤ 10 mW
SUPPORTED ELEMENTSwater, heat/cool, electric energy, gas
POWER SUPPLY3.6V Lithium battery
BATTERY LIFE>10 years*
SIZE AND WEIGHT30 x 67 x 67 mm 43 g
CONFIGURATIONWireless using RFM-RX2 and dedicated software
TRANSMITTED DATATotal measures volume (consumption), historical values, battery status, alarms.
PULSE INPUTSN°2 inputs. Connectable to REED pulse emitter systems and Open Collector type

* Battery life depends on the number of associated devices and the environmental conditions ** Under ideal signal propagation conditions

Download Datasheet: Bmeters RFM-TXE Wireless M-BUS module for pulse output meters