Burkert Type 5404 Servo-assisted 2/2-way Piston Valve

 The 5404 valve is a servo-assisted piston valve available in NC and NO versions. A minimum differential pressure is required for the valve switching function. The solenoid coils are moulded with high-quality epoxy resin. In combination with a plug to DIN EN 175301-803 Form A, the valves satisfy degree of protection IP65. The plug is not included and must be ordered separately. This product can be combined with Cable Plug type 2518.


  • Servo-assisted piston valve with an orifice up to DN50
  • Explosion proof versions for Cat. 2
  • Suitable for gas and steam applications up to 160°C
  • Relief valves for compressors

Technical Data

Product properties

  • Materials
    Body : Epoxy resin (Polyamide on request)
    Coil : PTFE seat seal + FKM
    Seal : PTFE seat seal + Graphite steam version and PTFE seat seal + EPDM on request
  • Orifice : DN 12…DN 50
  • Coil insulation class : H (B on request)
  • Valve internals : Stainless steel, brass

Electrical data

  • Voltage tolerance : ±10%
    Electrical power consumption
  • Circuit function A, DN 12…DN 25 (not in combination with high pressure MX13) :
    Inrush AC: 24 VA
    Hold AC (hot coil): 14 VA/8 W
    Hold DC (hot/cold coil): 8/9.5 W
  • Circuit function B, DN 12…DN 25 :
    Inrush AC: 24 VA
    Hold AC (hot coil): 14 VA/8 W
    Hold DC (hot/cold coil): 8/9.5 W
  • ATEX/IECEx version :
    Inrush AC: 9 VA
    Hold AC (hot coil): 9 VA
    Hold DC (hot/cold coil): 9 W
  • Circuit function A, DN 32…DN 50 and DN 12 as high pressure MX13 :
    Inrush AC: 24 VA
    Hold AC (hot coil): 16 VA/10 W
    Hold DC (hot/cold coil): 12/13 W

Performance data

  • Duty cycle : 100% continuous rating
    Response times
  • DN 12…DN 25 :
    Opening: 20…400 ms
    Closing: 100…1500 ms
  • DN 32…DN 50 :
    Opening: 200…1500 ms
    Closing: 1000…3000 ms

Medium data

  • Medium : Neutral mediums, compressed air, water, hydraulic oil and steam
    Medium temperature
  • Standard : -10 °C…120 °C
  • Steam version : Up to 160 °C, see “5.1. Temperature/duty cycle derating diagram for steam version
    NA07” on page 16 of datasheet (from -40 °C on request)

Approvals and Certificates

  • Protection class : IP65 with cable plug (IP67 on request)

Product connections

  • Electrical connection : Tag connector acc. to DIN EN 175301-803 Form A

Environment and installation

  • Installation : As required, preferably with actuator upright
  • Ambient temperature : -10 °C…+55 °C (from -40 °C on request)

Download Datasheet: Burkert Type 5404 Servo-assisted 2/2-way Piston Valve

Reference : burkert-usa.com