Danfoss DST P92S Pressure Transmitter for SIL-2 Applications

Danfoss DST P92S Pressure Transmitter for SIL-2 Applications 


The DST P92S OEM pressure transmitter is designed for use in Mobile and Industrial hydraulic applications. The transmitter is suitable for use in a functional safety environment with a requirement of PLd, EN ISO 13849-1: 2015 or AgPLd EN ISO 25119: 2010 or SIL2, IEC 61508:2010, respectively. Further Danfoss holds a third party approval from TÜV to ensure easy implementation into any safety system.


  • Designed for use in severe hydraulic applications
  • For operating temperature up to 85 °C
  • Pressure range 0-10 bar to 0-1200 bar
  • Dual output signal: 4-20 / 20 -4 mA or ratiometric 10-90 / 90-10%
  • Cyclic diagnostic
  • Start up diagnostic
  • Wetted parts made of stainless steel
  • Designed towards OEM requirements

Approvals and certificates

  • PLd DIN EN ISO 13849-1
  • SIL2 IEC 61508
  • CE marked
  • E1 type approval


Technical Data

Accuracy (incl. non linearity, hysteresis and repeatability)< 0.5% FS
Overall accuracy under reference conditions
+/- 1% FS [0 – 85 °c]
+/- 1,5% FS [-25 – 0 °c]
+/- 2,5% FS [-40 – -25 °c]
Long-run stability<0,2% FS p.a.
Response time liquids (10 – 90%)2 ms


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Overload and burst pressure

Standard pressure [bar]4060100160250400600
Overload pressure [bar]801202003205008001200
Burst pressure [bar]4006001000160025004000>4000

Environmental conditions

Media temperature range- 40 – 125 °C
Operating temperature range-40 – 85 °C
Storage temperature range-40 – 100 °C
Voltage supply9 – 32 V DC, alloable ripple @50Hz: 10% (for current output)
5V ±10% (for ratiometric voltage output)
Electrical ProtectionShort circuit protected, signal on GND/VCC and reverse polarity protection
Electric Magnetic Compatibility Directive [EMC]2014/30/EU
EMCDIN EN 61326-1
DIN EN 61326-2-3
DIN EN 61326-3-1
E1 type approval: All vehicle types with a 12 V or 24 V - electrical wiring and battery (-) at the body
Vibration stability20 gEN60068-2-6
Shock mechanical500 gEN60068-2-27
Enclosure1.4301/ PBT-GF30
Material with medium contact1.4548/Viton
Weight50 g

Functional safety

Machinery Directive [MD]2006/42/EC
IEC 61508:2010SIL 2Safety related subsystem, type B
1oo1 architectureSFF 95.8% 4-20mA / 93,1%
ratiometric (incl. control unit)
HFT 0PFH 6.1*10-9 (4-20 mA) / 4.9*10-9
EN ISO 13849-1:2015PL dCCF 70 points
Category 2MTTFd high >100 years
DC medium (incl. control unit) 
Safety functionSafety conversion of the measured pressure into two proportional opposing current signals. Refer also to the Safety guide.

Download Datasheet : Danfoss DST P92S Pressure Transmitter for SIL-2 Applications

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