dBi Profibus PA Transducer Series

The Pulsar dBi Profibus PA Transducer Series are a ranage of self-contained, intelligent non-contacting ultrasonic level measurement transducers which make use of Profibus PA communication protocols. Four range choices are available with either 3m, 6m, 10m or 15m range (10ft, 20ft, 33ft or 49ft), all of which take simplicity, convenience and accuracy to a new level.

Can be specified in various formats to suit the application, for example flanged, PTFE coated for corrosive applications, fitted with foam face or submergence shield and with threaded noses for easy installation.


  • Self-contained
  • Two-wire
  • Solids or liquids applications
  • DATEM digital echo processing
  • Various mounting options
  • ATEX Ex mb Zone 1 standard. Option of ATEX Zone 0 I.S.
  • Use standard programming tools or Pulsar's dedicated PC system


Transducer Specific

Dimensions:77mmD x 134mmH (3 x 5.3inch) Rear thread 1” BSP/NPT86mmD x 121mmH (3.38 x 4.75inch) Rear thread 1” BSP/ NPT86mmD x 121mmH (3.38 x 4.75inch) Rear thread 1” BSP/ NPT86mmD x 135mmH (3.38 x 5.32inch) Rear thread 1” BSP/ NPT
Weight:1kg (2.2lbs) 01.2kg (2.7lbs)1.3kg (2.9lbs)1.4kg (3.1lbs)
Measurement Range:0.125-3m (5”-10ft) 10.3-6m (1”-20ft)0.3-10m (1”-33ft)0.5-15m (20”-49ft)
Beam Angle:<10°<10°<10°<8°
Accuracy:2mm (0.08in)4mm (0.16in)3mm (0.12”) up to 6mm (20ft) 6mm (0.24”) over 6m range5mm (0.2”) up to 10m (33ft) range & 10mm (0.39”) over 10m range
Resolution:1mm (0.04”)2mm (0.08”)2mm (0.08”)5mm (0.02”)

(All Transducers) Physical

Housing material:Valox 357 PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate)
Temperature Compensation:Internal temperature sensor, +/- 0.5°C/F
Transducer Cable Requirements:Twin screened. Integral cable length 5,10,20 or 30m
Operating temperature range:-40°C to +80°C Process Temperature (-40°F to +176°F)
Ingress Protection:IP68 to BS EN 60068-2-17:1995 and BS EN 60529 (Nema 6P available)
Approvals:See EC Declaration of Conformity in the manual
Hazardous Area Approval:ATEX; Ex ia Zone 0 and FISCO
Power:Bus powered, per IEC 61158-2;20mA (general purpose or I.S. version) 20mA 18-24vdc
Update Time:1-2 seconds at 20mA current loop
Programming:PA modem; Simatic PDM, EDDL, FDT/DTM on request. PC interface 2-wire loop powered from PC or laptop. No external power required.
Outputs:Profile 3.0.2, Class A with I&M functionality

Download Datasheet: dBi Profibus PA Transducer Series

Reference : www.pulsar-pm.com

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