TNAP Series – Greystone All Purpose Network Temperature Sensor

grestone temperature sensor
Greystone TNAP Series



The all purpose single point network temperature sensor utilizes a precision sensor encapsulated in a 6 mm (0.236”) OD, 304 series stainless steel probe and is available in various lengths (see ordering chart). All probes provide excellent heat transfer, fast response and resistance to moisture penetration. The transmitter provides a BACnet® or Modbus signal for network connection. A compact ABS enclosure with a hinged and gasketed cover is provided for ease of installation.

The duct type probes are installed through a hole in the side of the duct to monitor a single point
temperature within the duct. Since the probes are tip sensitive, select a probe length that places the sensor well into the duct. Install the probe in a straight section of duct at a suitable distance downstream from any heating, cooling, or humidification devices.


  • Precision RTD sensing element
  • High Accuracy Transmitter
  • BACnet® or Modbus Communication
  • Compact ABS Enclosure




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