Differential Pressure Transmitter D32 Series Delta Mobrey

Delta Mobrey is a corporate from United Kingdom. This corporate provide solutions for a wide range of industries, including :

  • Oil and Gas – offshore and onshore – exploration, production, refining and distribution
  • Power Generation including nuclear – steam raising plant, turbine generators, fire protection systems, safety shut down systems
  • Water Treatment
  • Petrochemical and Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pulp and Paper

Differential Pressure Transmitter D32 Series

The D32 Differential Pressure Transmitters is a cost effective solution for the measurement of differential pressure transmitter of gases, vapours and liquids. The active sensing element is a piezoresistive silicon sensor separated from the medium by a diaphragm and by a specially selected type of manometric liquid. From the simple flying leads electric connection to standardised connector IP65/IP67 or even an all Stainless Steel enclosure with internal terminal board, to cover almost all the application.

The process connection to mount directly on to a 3 or 5 valve manifold, and also available is several type of chemical seals to measure any type of process fluid and condition. The model D32 Differential Pressure Transmitter is suitable for measuring pressures from 0 to 16 mbar up to 0 to 25 bar with maximum working pressures up to 420bar.


  • Accurancy ±0.25%
  • 4-20mA output signal
  • Static pressure limit up to 413 bar
  • ATEX & IECEx certification - Ex ia & EX d
  • Gold plated diaphragm option
  • Hastelloy C276 wetted parts option


The D32 D-Series is a suitable for a wide range of application for measuring:

  • Differential Pressure
  • Level
  • Flow

The choice of models available ensure that the D32 D-Series is suitable for use in:

  • Corrosive atmosphere
  • Resistant to chemical attack


Electrical Parameters:

Output Signal:
  • 4...20 mA, two wire transmission
  • 0...10V, three wire transmission
Power Supply:
Output 4...20 Ma:
  • 8...36 VDC (Ex 9...28VDC)
  • Version B: 10,5...36 VDC (Ex 12...28 VDC)
Output 0...10 V: 
  • 13...30 VDC


Wetted Parts:
  • Code P,Q process connection: SS316L
  • Code P(H), Q(H) process connection: SS316L or Hastelloy C276
  • C-type process connection: SS316L
  • SS316L, Hastelloy C 276, Au
  • 304ss
  • Option: 316ss

Download Data Sheet: Differential Pressure Transmitter D32 Series

Ref: delta-mobrey.com

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