Eltra Surface Carbon Analyzer

Eltra Surface Carbon Analyzer

Eltra Surface Carbon Analyzer |  SurfaceC-800

Determination of surface carbon is a special requirement for quality control in the metal producing and metalworking industry. ELTRA's Surface C-800 analyzer is designed for the precise determination of surface carbon in numerous kinds of solid samples from trace levels up to 1000 µg/cm2.

The Surface C-800 is equipped with a resistance furnace with a quartz tube for sample oxidation and can provide temperatures up to 1000 °C. The temperature of the Surface C-800 can be set up in steps of 1 °C. As common carrier gas in the Surface C-800, oxygen is used.

The detection system of ELTRA's surface C-800 is very sensitive, reliable, and guarantees a long lifetime. It can be customized according to the user's requirements. It is possible to combine two infrared cells independently to allow for highly precise measurement of surface carbon from trace level up to large amounts


  • Surface carbon determination with minimal sample preparation
  • Large-sized samples can be measured (up to 32 x 145 mm)
  • Rapid, precise, accurate, and reliable element determination
  • A wide range of materials can be analyzed
  • resistance furnace temperature can be set up to 1000 °c in steps of 1 °c
  • Customized infrared cells provide a wide, dynamic measuring range
  • Optional gold or path for analysis of halogen or acid-containing samples
  • Calibration with standard materials or gas dose
  • Special sample sluice for reduction of atmospheric blank
  • Powerful software (multilingual, customized display, the export of results)
  • Single and multi-point calibration
  • Electronic gas flow control low maintenance
  • The robust design allows usage in production control and laboratory


Aluminum, Ceramics, Metals, Surface Carbon On Steel

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Measured elementscarbon
Furnace alignmenthorizontal
Sample carrierquartz boats
Field of applicationceramics, steel/metallurgy
Furnaceresistance furnace with quartz tube,
 adjustable up to 1000 °C
Maximum sample size32 x 145 mm
Detection methodsolid state infrared absorption
Number of IR cells1 -2
The material of the IR pathaluminum (optional gold)
Typical analysis time60 - 90 s
Chemicals requiredmagnesium perchlorate, sodium
Gas requiredoxygen 99.5 % pure (2 - 4 bar / 30 -
 60 psi)
Power requirements230 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 10 A, 2300 W
Dimensions (W x H x D)55 x 80 x 60 cm
Weight~ 65 kg
Required equipmentbalance (resolution 0.0001g),
 monitor, PC
Optional accessoriesvoltage stabilizer 5 KVA

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