Hengesbach Compact Resistance Thermometer TP 51

The TP51 temperature sensor in the Quicktemp series increases the accessibility of the measuring points without, for example, aving to open them for maintenance or calibration work. The device is easy to insert into or remove from the sheath, which saves time and resources and ensures process safety.

Application-appropriate fitting lengths and process connections are available. The temperature sensor can be designed as a resistance output (4-wire) or be equipped with a transmitter. The short installation length and the coordinated process connections make it possible to install the device in pipes with a small nominal width, especially when using the T516 compact device. High temperature stress at the connection head should be avoided. Installation into the Quicktemp sheath system should take place with the aid of thermal conductance paste to ensure short addressing times.


  • two versions:
    • T516 for small nominal pipe widths and T504 for
    • nominal pipe widths from dn 40 onwards
  • compact device with pt 100 or 4...20ma output for a defined requirement profile
  • to be installed by using thermal conductance paste
  • various designs for appropriate installation, adaptation to existing measuring points without design changes.



Design configuration:- TP 51 basic device -
Typecompact housing, 63 x d=18mm
Housing materialstainless steel 316L
Temperature sensorPT 100 according to EN 60751, sensor 1.4571
Diameter of measuring insertcontinuously smooth, d = 3 mm (not exchangeable)
Sensor lengthT516 = 63 mm, T504 = 117 mm
Connection, electricalM12 plug-in connection, 4-pin
Measuring insert, electrical1 x PT 100 in 4-wire circuit
Type of connection, electrical- transmitter TE 62, 4-20 mA, 2L, programmable, galvanically separated (TE41)
 - resistance 1x4-wire
 - sheathed cable version (vibration-resistant version)(on request)
Temperature of measuring materialTmax at the sensor = -50... +150°C (check collar pipe)
Response timesT50 (measured in water): 6 s (design-dependent, d = 6 mm),
Accuracytolerance class acc. to EN 60751, standard: Class A, optional: Class B 1/10, 1/3, 1/2 DIN
Protection type EN 60529IP 68
Admissible pressuredesign- and temperature-dependent
Process connections- Quicktemp zeh / TP16 – 504 G1/2, with metal sealing cone,
 total length = 117mm, El = 50 mm, d = 6 mm
 - Quicktemp zeh / TP15 – T504, smooth sensor, no threaded joint,
 total length = 117mm, El = 102 mm, d = 6 mm
 - Quicktemp zeh / TP136 - T504, welded spherical protection sleeve, DN = 25 mm,
 total length = 117mm, El = 50 mm, d = 6 mm
 - Quicktemp zeh / T535, smooth welded sensor,
 total length = 118mm, EL = 50 mm, d = 6 mm, tapered to d = 4 mm
 - Quicktemp zeh / T516 – G1/2, smooth sensor, cylindrical,
 total length = 64mm, El = 20 mm, d = 6 mm
 - Quicktemp zeh / TP26 – T516, with M12 metal sealing cone,
 total length = 117mm, El = 20 mm, d = 6 mm
 - Quicktemp zeh / TP136 - T516, with spherical welding socket,
 total length = 64mm, El = 20 mm, d = 6 mm

Electronic data transmitter

Output signal4…20 mA analog or 20…4 mA
Breakdown signal- measuring range not achieved: linear drop up to 3.8 mA
 - measuring range exceeded: linear rise up to 20.5 mA
 - sensor failure: Sensor short-circuit ≤ 3.6 mA or ≥ 21.0 mA
Power requirement≤ 3.5 mA
Switch-on delay2s
Supply voltage10…35V DC
Environmental temperature-40…+85 °C
Storage temperature-40…+85 °C
Climate classEN 60654-1, class C, condensation permissible
CE conformityEMV guidelines have been met


Calibrationfactory calibration, calibration certificate (3-point or 5-point), traceable to DKD standard
Certificatesmaterial certificate
CE conformityEMV guidelines are met, CE symbol


- configuration set TZ62, USB connection 
- 5m cable with M12 x 1 coupling 

Download Data Sheet: Compact Resistance Thermometer TP 51

Ref: hengesbach.com