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Hengesbach Flush-mounted Pressure Transmitter and Switch PiezoSwitchPS Type

The pressure transmitter PiezoSwitch is well suited for measuring absolut and relativ pressure of fluids and gases in pipelines with temperature ranges from -40°C bis 125°C. Two available switch outputs enable the switching functions. The flush-mounted processconnection PZM-type with o-ring-sealing and stainless steel diaphragm is certified EHEDG Type EL-ASEPTIC CLASS 1. It is ideal for measurements with highest hygienic demands and prescriptions. The PZM-Type connection comes with a wide range of adapters and reduces sustainably the cost of operation.

For applications without any elastomer-gaskets the metallicaly sealing and adjustable version K3 can be used. The housing of the PiezoSwitch is complete of hygienic design. The pressure transmitter is resistant against overload of pressure and temperature and against CIP- and SIP applications. The sensor measuring range of the piezoresistive and vacuum-tight sensor with stainless steel diaphragm is from -1/0…1bar up to -1/0…30bar.


  • Signaloutput 4...20mA, 2-L
  • UP to 2 PNP-Switchoutputs, 24V DC, max. 50mA, with indication
  • LED-Display to show actual measured value
  • simple operation with 3 buttons only: menu supported configuration of measuring range and switchpoints directly on the unit
  • Measuring ranges from -1/0...30bar, free programmable, with TurnDown 4
  • Process connection: G1" with sealing conus, with unionnut, without elastomers, adjustable. Alternativly EHEDG EL-ASEPTIC certified modular system type PZM with more than 8 different process adapters and welding sockets

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General details

Device type / measuring principlePiezoSwitch PS / piezoresistive        


Measuring ranges [bar]Relative -1/0...1 -1/0...2,5 -1/0...5-1/0...10-1/0...30
 Absolute 0...1   0...2,5 0...50...100...30
 Overload protection 3   8 153090
Setting the measuring rangeswith 3 keys within the transmitter      
Setting rangesMeasuring range beginzero: 0.....75%of the sensor’s nominal measuring span 
 Measuring spanspan: 25...100%   of the sensor’s nominal measuring span 
 Turndown (TD) : 4       
Burst pressure DIN16086≥ 4-fold nominal pressure range        


Output signal2-wire: 4...20mA         
Fault signal22mA         
Current limitation21mA         
Signal range3,8...20,5mA acc. Namur NE43        
Switch output2x PNP, max. 50mA         

Measuring accuracy

Reference conditionsacc. DIN IEC 770         
Linearity, hysteresis and repeatability as per the limit point method≤ ± 0,5% of the sensor’s nominal measuring range    


Activation time< 2s (the device will carry out a self-test)      
Setting time< 1s         
Long-time drift≤ 0,2% of the span per year        
Thermal hysteresis≤ ± 0,2% of the sensor’s nominal measuring range / 10K (+20...+80°C) from 10...30bar 
 ≤ ± 0,3% of the sensor’s nominal measuring range/ 10K (+20...+80°C) from 1...5bar 

Conditions of use

Installation position / calibration positionAny position / standing vertically      
Medium temperature-40...+125°C / 140°C 1 h         
Ambient storage temperature-10...+85°C (below -20°C danger of cable breakage)  
Protection class acc. to EN60529IP 67 and IP 69K         
Electromagnetic compatibilityacc. to EN 61326-1         


Electrical connectionRound plug-in connector M12x1, 5-pole, nickel-plated brass (stainless steel available on request)
Process connection- Membrane, flush-welded, CrNiSt      
- EHEDG Typ EL-ASEPTIC CLASS 1 certified connection system PZM with press screw M38x1.5 and elastomer sealing    
- Process seal EPM (FDA-conform) (range -20...+150°C)         
- G1“ with metallic sealing conus and union nut, adjustable (K3)        
Materials- Field housing / lid:CrNiSt 1.4301 (304)         
 - Housing seal:FPM (Viton®)         
 - Pressure compensation element:Polyamide         
 - Process connection / connection adapter:CrNiSt 1.4404 (316L)         
 - Process membrane:CrNiSt 1.4435/1.4404 (316L)         
Filling fluidSilicon oil (FDA)          

Display and operation

Display4 units 7-segment display incl. decimal point, 2x status LED for switch point         
Operation3-key concept          

Auxiliary energy resources

Power supply / burden24...30V DC, max. burden: 600 Ω          

Accessories PiezoSwitch PS

CertificatesDeclaration of conformity          
 Material certificates acc. EN 10204 (on request)          
 EHEDG-Certifikate (on request)          

Download Data Sheet: Flush-mounted Pressure Transmitter and Switch PiezoSwitchPS Type

Ref: Hengesbach.com

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