Hengesbach Level Module for Installation in Level Probes Type NM

 Hengesbach is a company from Deutschland. For more than 50 years Hengesbach develops, manufactures and distributes innovative measuring technology for applications in production processes where functionality, reliability and accuracy of the instruments are of highest priority even under extreme process conditions.

Level Module for Installation in Level Probes Type NM

The encapsulated level module nm is used to evaluate single levels in the conductive level probes. It is directly installed into the connection head of the level probes. Level indication “full” is generated by contact of the probe with the conducting medium between probe and ground (metal connection), resulting in a conducting circuit, converted in a DC-switch signal. Level indication “empty” is generated when the probe is not covered any more by the medium. This signal can be directly evaluated and processed by a PLC-system. The direct mounting of the modules in the connection head means cost reduction because of easy electrical installation and mounting as well as excellent EMC performance. Therefore additional devices for cabinet assemblies are not necessary.


  • for installation in level probes NKS
  • connection with PLC possible
  • sensitivity adjustable
    0,1 KΩ....100 KΩ
  • low installation costs


Housingplastics∅ 43,5 x 10,7 mm
Temperatureambient temp.-10...+60 °C
 operational temp.-10...+60 °C
 storage temp.-20...+60 °C
 rel. humidity0...95 % without dew
Inputelectrodemax. volt. 1 V AC/ 6kHz
Sensitivity4 steps adjustable0,1kΩ, 1kΩ, 10kΩ, 100kΩ
Outputactive output16…36 V DC – 2 V regarding
  power supply, 0,05 A short-
 switch outputcircuit proof
  transistor output
Functionfull/empty signalselectable
Time delayfixed0,5 s
Power supply 16...36 V DC


Cable gland1 =GND (sensor)
 2 =electrode (sensor)
 3 =active output
 4 =plus-Voltage supply
 5 =mInus-Voltage supply
M12-round socket1 =+
 3 =-
 4 =active output
GND and Minus voltage supply are connected.  
CE-conformance:  acc. to EMC-guidelines  

Download Data Sheet: Level Module for Installation in Level Probes Type NM

Ref: hengesbach.com