Hengesbach Level Module NC1 Series

The NC1 is a self-adjusting level module designed for installation into the head of a conductive measuring sensor. The NC1 is used for product and foam detection. A low- and high-resistance switch output enables "full" and "empty" messages to be sent for liquids with a high or low conductivity. It can even be used for foaming liquids. Intricate adjustments of the NC1 and adaptation to the various product conductivities, tank geometries and electrode lengths are no longer required. The NC1 finds its own switch points, using innovative methods. In addition, the NC1 is protected against reverse polarity of the supply voltage and against output overload. The outputs are low-active, so that the output signal will be triggered even if there is a drop in voltage or if the wire breaks. The operating mode, i.e. high-level or low-level, is determined via a link plug.


  • self-adjusting level module for product and foam detection
  • for installation into the NKS level sensor
  • connection to SPS possible
  • low installation costs


Operating voltageDC24V ± 25%  
Current consumption< 5mA plus output currents  
Switch points2, low- and high-resistance  
Resistance ranges30 Ω … 300k Ω  
Conductivity range33mS … 3.3µS  
Output signalslow-active  
inactiveapprox. 1V when applying operating voltage  
Output loadmax 200mA (sum of both outputs)  


Diameter< 43mm  
Height< 21mm (incl. terminals)  
Weightapprox. 20g  

Environmental conditions

Temperature-20°C … +85°C  
Humidity-20°C … +85°C  
Installationinto conductive level sensors of the type NKS 11 and NKS 13  
Terminal connection+ and -   connections for operating voltage DC 18V … 30V  
 1product detection, low active output signal for the low-resistance switchpoint 
 2foamdetection, low active output signal for the low-resistance switchpoint
Link plugHLfull message (high level) 
 LLempty message (low level) 


Download Data Sheet: Level Module NC1 Series

Ref: Hengesbach.com