Gear Pump KF 2.5...630 Kracht

The noise optimized gear pumps in theKF series are designed for conveying for medias with increased air content,
predominantly for use as lubricating oil pumps in gears. Special measures prevent the otherwise normally increased noise present in auriferous gear oil. The noise levels do not exceed or only barely exceed the measurements with
non-auriferous oils. Also, there is no noise spectrum shift to higher, unpleasant frequencies. In applications without auriferous portions in the media, it is not recommended to use this version as it will not bring about noise reduction effects there.

The noise optimized version of the KF pump is marked with the special number 197 at the end of the type key.
Pumps with the special number 197 are built as pumps in combination with an electric motor or as mounted
pumps. The pump in combination with an electric motor does not have an outboard bearing, so it has to
be driven via an elastic coupling. The

mounted pump comes equipped with an outboard bearing to absorb the centrifugal forces such as those which arise when using a flying pinion. Pumps for electric motor drives and mounted pumps are sealed at the shaft end using a lip-type shaft seal.


  • Gear pumps KF are used for pumping a wide variety of fluids.
  • Gear pumps KF are distinguished especially by their wide range of variants which are assembled as required on the modular principle and also permit subsequent upgrade.
  • The pumps are also suitable for media with low lubricating properties.
  • The standard housing sections are of grey cast iron.
  • The gear units are manufactured from high-strength case-hardening steel, hardened and mounted in special multi-compound plain bearing bushes.
  • The standard drive shaft is sealed by single radial lip-type seal.
  • All pump sizes incorporate helical tooth system.
  • This feature, combined with special gear geometry, results in extremely low noise levels and reduced pressure pulsation.


Nominal sizes 2.5...630 cm3/r 2.5 / 4/5/6/8/10/12/16/20/25/32/40/50/63/80/100/112/ 125 /
   150 / 180 / 200 / 250 / 315 / 400 / 500 / 630
Mounting position  KF ... R/L/B ... without Quench optional
   KF ... R/L/B ... with Quench horizontal, Quench connection above
   KF ... U2   ... optional
Direction of rotation right or left
   right and left
Fixing type  flange
Pipe connection KF 2.5...25Whitworth pipe thread, SAE flange
  KF 32...630SAE flange
Drive shaft end  ISO R 775 short-cylindrical

Download Data Sheet: Gear Pump KF 2.5...630