Hengstler Absolute Rotary Encoders ACURO AC36

Hengstler Absolute Rotary Encoders ACURO AC36

Hengstler Absolute Rotary Encoders ACURO AC36 | Descriptions

The AC36 is an optical absolute rotary encoder with a multi-turn gearbox and optical scanning, size 36 mm. It is fitted with a solid shaft and physically compatible with standard incremental encoders. Thanks to its compact construction, the AC36 can directly replace corresponding incremental encoders. As a result, it is possible to make full use of the technical benefits of absolute encoders in equipment manufacturing and medical engineering, to name but two of the many applications. The mechanical concept is based on a shaft assembly mounted in dual ball-bearings. The AC36 complements the ACURO industry product family while offering the same performance data as the 58 mm variants but with smaller device size.


Unique within his class the AC 36 provides fully digital position data up to 22 Bit (single-turn) and 12 Bit (multi-turn) over the bidirectional synchronous interface with a variable clock rate up to 10 MHz. This corresponds to a single-turn resolution of more than 130 000 measured steps. Backward compatibility is realized through the SSI interface together with 2048 sine-cosine periods per revolution.

Integrated diagnostic system

The AC 36 is based on the latest OptoAsic technology with an advanced diagnostic concept. A continuous plausibility check controls the internal signal processing for each increment. A code check guarantees that the encoder signal represents bit by bit the measured rotation. Also, the operating temperature of the encoder can be measured, readout, and monitored over warn and alarm bits with an 8-bit resolution (1°C). Monitoring and controlling the operating temperature ensures a maximum lifetime of the LED. Eventual failures are indicated early over warn bits.


  • Overall length: 36 mm
  • For equipment engineering and industry
  • Up to 22 Bit Resolution Single-turn + 12 Bit Multi-turn
  • Solid or hollow shaft version available
  • +100°C operating temperature
  • 10,000 rpm (continuous)
  • Optical encoder with a truly geared multi-turn
  • Interfaces: SSI, BiSS-B or BiSS-C
  • Option Sine-wave 1 Vpp ·  Bandwidth 500 kHz

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Product FamilyAC36
Ordering InformationRotary Encoder AC36
Function / ApplicationAbsolute
Housing Diameter [mm]38,1 mm
Solid- / Hollow ShaftHollow 8 mm
Solid 6 mm
Protection Rating HousingIP50 / IP64
Operating Temperature [°C]-40 ... +100 °C
Housing OptionAluminum
Revolutions [rpm]10,000 rpm
Resolution ST [Bit]12 ... 19 Bit
Resolution MT [Bit]12 Bit
InterfaceBiSS / SSI

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