Hengstler Time Counter Tico 731

Hengstler Time Counter Tico 731
Time Counter Tico 731[/caption]

Whether you use electronic, electromechanical, mechanical or pneumatic counters, the devices available have been designed to meet your requirements. Our range extends from mini-counters through to sophisticated, programmable control counters, multifunction counters, position displays, displays, tachometers and timers. Time counters display the duty cycle of installations, machines and appliances. They provide information on the expiry times of warranty periods, hours of use and the countdown to the next scheduled maintenance work. For use in time-dependent controllers, we also have a series of preset time counters in our product range. As a further complement, we can provide a series of time counters that offer versatile configuration options in an attractive, state-of-the-art design. Examples of typical applications: Maintenance interval counters, control of mixing quantities.

The five members of the Tico 731 family are characterized by their versatility and are available as counters, tachometers or timers. The smaller, compact Tico 731 has a clearly readable display with two display options, either as an 8-digit LCD or as a 6-digit LED version. Voltage supply can be from 12 to 24 volts DC or independent of the power supply using a lithium cell. The counting frequency and triggering edge can be programmed to suit the application. The high-voltage version enables input pulses of between 12 and 250 volts AC/DC. The Tico 731 can be equipped with the following optional functions: pulse evaluation, decimal point and output signal.


  • Voltage supply
  • Battery
  • 12-24 VDC
  • 12-250 VDC/AC

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Product Familytico 731
Digit Height [mm]7 mm (0.2 in)
Display VariantLCD
Counter Mode Input A,Badding
 differential add/sub
 phase discriminator
ModePulse counter
 Tachometer 1/min
 Time counter hhhh:mm:ss
 Timre counter hhhhhh.hh
 2-channel position indicator
 Counter with differential mode
Measuring Principle (tachometer)gate measuring method (6s)
Size [mm]48x24x32
Mounting OptionsFront panel
 w/ clamping frame
Mountingfront panel with clamping frame
Resetmanual reset via keyboard (can be locked)
 external reset with static behavior
 active edge negative
 attenuated 30 Hz
Weight [g]54 g (1.9 oz)
 68 (2.7 oz)g
 70 g (2.8 oz)
Panel Thickness [mm]max. 14 mm (5.5 in)
Mounting Depth [mm]32 mm (12.6 in)
 60 mm (23.6 in)

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