Kobold LPS-P Paddle Flow Switch-Air

The monitored air stream acts on the paddle and over a mechanism actuates the dust-proof microswitch that signals whether the set min. or max. volume of air flows. The KOBOLD flow monitor is suited for universal application as the switch/ signalling point can be finely adjusted over a broad range.

The device is set to 1 m/s at the factory. The switch-off value can be set higher by rotating the range screw. The paddle should be cut at the marking if required (>5 m/s air speed). Thus the min. switch-off value is increased to 2.5 m/s and the min. switch-on value to 4 m/s.

Switching range:
OFF: 1 m/s ... 8 m/s air
ON: 2.5 m/s ... 9.2 m/s air
Connection: square flange
Material: brass
pmax: pressureless
tmax: 85°C

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  • In air ducts in air conditioning systems
  • In air discharge and exhaust gas channels
  • In pneumatic conveyors
  • On filters
  • On cyclones
  • On cooling and drying plant
  • Ventilator/blower performance monitoring


Technical Details

  • Switch-off values:
    min. 1.0 m/s
    max. 8.0 m/s
  • Switch-on values:
    min. 2.5 m/s
    max. 9.2 m/s
  • Differential gap: ≥1 m/s
  • Mounting position: vertical, in horizontal air ducts
  • Inlet and outlet pipe sections: each with 5xDN
  • Temperature: max. 85°C (medium and environment)
  • Protection: IP 65 (from outside the channel)


  • Paddle: 0.2 mm stainless steel material no. 1.4301
  • Lever: brass Ms 58
  • Housing: ABS, glass-fibre-reinforced mounting plate zinc-plated
  • Connection plate: steel zinc-plated
  • Flat gasket: Flexoid

Electrical details
Dust-proof microswitch as single-pole changeover contact

  • Switching voltage: max. 24-250 VAC
  • Switching current:
    max. 8 A (for inductive load)
    max. 15 A (for resistive load)
  • Air temperature: max. 85°C

Electrical connection

  • RED-WHITE opens with decreasing speed
  • RED-BLUE closes with increasing speed

Download Datasheet: Kobold LPS-P Paddle Switch-Air

Reference : kobold.com