Kobold VKP Viscosity Compensated Flowmeter / Switch

 [caption id="attachment_47648" align="aligncenter" width="301"]Kobold VKP Viscosity Compensated Flowmeter / Switch VKP Viscosity Compensated Flowmeter / Switch[/caption]

Kobold is one of the leading international instrumentation engineering enterprises specialized on monitoring, measuring and regulating the physical quantities of flow through, pressure, level and temperature.

The KOBOLD plastic flowmeters model VKP operate on a special suspended float principle with cylindrical measuring tube and spring-loaded float with orifice. The float in model VKP-3... has slots moulded on the outside, which protect the instrument from soiling by depositing dirt particles. The danger of the float jamming is thus considerably reduced and soiled liquids with a particle size up to 400 μm can be measured without difficulty. In model VKP-2... a sharp-edged orifice in the float renders the instrument less sensitive to changes in viscosity.

Measuring / switching range:
2 - 20 ... 20 - 100 l/min water
1 - 18 ... 10 - 75  l/min oil
Connection: G 1, 1" NPT male thread, solded pipe, connection parts G ½, G ¾
Material: polysulfone, stainless steel 1.4310
pmax16 bar
Accuracy: ±5 % of full scale
Option: reed contact

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  • Lubrication circuits
  • Domestic electrical
  • installations
  • Machine tools
  • Solar energy systems
  • Cooling circuits
  • Welding machines
  • Pumps


Technical Details

  • Housing: polysulfone
  • Connections:
    G1 male thread;
    1" NPT male thread
    inserts G½, G¾
    PVC glue-in connection,
    soldering connection 18, 22 mm (Ms)
  • Float: polysulfone
  • Spring: stainless steel, 1.4310
  • Toothed ring: stainless steel, 1.4310
  • Flat seal:
    for model VKP-1.../3... NBR
    for model VKP-2... Klingerit Oilit
  • Max. temperature:
    85°C (with contact)
    60°C (with PVC connection)
  • Max. pressure: 16 bar
  • Accuracy:
    VKP-1...: ± 5% of full scale
    VKP-2...: ± 5% of full scale
    VKP-3...: ± 7% of full scale
  • Installation position: horizontal or vertical

Option (for VKP-1 and VKP-2 only)

  • Contact components: 1 N/O or N/C contact, bistable
  • Electr. connection: connector DIN 43 650
  • Switch capacity:
    max. 40 W/VA,
    max. 230 VAC/DC,
    max. 2 A
    (No single value is allowed to be exceede

Download Datasheet: Kobold VKP Viscosity Compensated Flowmeter / Switch

Reference : kobold.com