Linde HPR-02 Self-regulating pumps for open circuit operation

HPR-02 Self-regulating pumps for open circuit operation

Linde is a manufacturer of axial piston pumps for open and closed circuits. The company’s offerings include variable and self-regulating pumps. The products are suitable for a peak pressure of up to 500 bar in heavy-duty hydraulic applications.

Legal emission regulations force manufacturers of mobile machinery to optimize the noise emission of their products. Since secondary measures tend to be expensive and less efficient Linde Hydraulics prefers to fight the noise where it is generated: by optimally connecting an additional volume directly next to the commutation of the HPR-02 pump, Linde Hydraulics invented the SPU silencer. The adaptive SPU reduces pressure pulsations in the regulating pump over the entire range of operation – without loss of power.

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Design characteristics

  • axial piston pump in swashplate design for high-pressure open-circuit systems
  • clockwise or counterclockwise rotation
  • self-priming at high nominal speed
  • tank pressurization or swash angle reduction for high-speed applications
  • adaptive noise optimization SPU
  • decompression fluid is discharged via pump housing to keep the suction side calm
  • exact and robust load sensing controllers with or without swash plate position feedback

Product advantages

  • optimum interaction with Linde LSC control valves and LinTronic
  • energy saving operation by ‘flow on demand’-control
  • dynamic response
  • excellent suction up to rated speed
  • noise optimization over the whole range of operation
  • compact design
  • high power density
  • high reliability
  • long working life

Technical Data

HPR-02 557595105135165210280105D125D165D
Max. displacementcc/rev5575.995105135.7163.6210.1281.9210250331.2
Max. operating speed (without tank pressurization)rpm27002500250025002350240021002000245024002100
Max. oil flow*l/min148.5189.8237.5246.8312.1392.6441.2563.8514.5600.0695.5
Nominal pressurebar420420350420420350420420420350420
Max. pressure**bar500500420500500420500500500420500
Torque (Δp=420 bar)Nm36850752970290791114041884124512451964
Corner powerkW104132.8138172.7218.5229308.8394.7319.4337431.8
Weight approx. (without oil)kg393944.550657411616596113177
* theoretical data of a single unit without efficiency effects
** highest transient pressure, that can temporarily occur

Download Datasheet: Linde HPR-02 Self-regulating pumps for open circuit operation