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McCrometer CONNECT

More Systems • More Sensors • More Solutions

Wireless Technology for Today's Growers

McCrometer CONNECT™ offers the most comprehensive choice in wireless remote monitoring for irrigation and crop management from the convenience of your computer, smart phone or tablet.

Complete turnkey solutions for growers and irrigators
Highest quality local service and support
Selection and Flexibility

With McCrometer CONNECT, you have the real-time, industrial-strength crop data and tools you need right at your fingertips. Make timely and effective irrigation and crop management decisions from wherever you are: in the field, on the road or in your office.

24/7 Connectivity

McCrometer CONNECT offers wireless remote monitoring and control systems designed to cover your needs 24/7. With 35 years of experience, we've taken our commitment to a new level by bringing growers the next generation of Wireless Monitoring for Irrigation and Crop Management. We offer a large variety of turn-key solutions including: satellite, cell and radio communications to get critical data to your home or office via the Internet. Our systems provide farm managers and irrigators a total system solution from a single trusted irrigation industry specialist. Whether the need is to monitor flow, soil moisture, weather, water quality, ETo or other critical inputs, McCrometer CONNECT is sure to have a system to meet your needs.

  • Complete turnkey solutions for growers and irrigators
  • Highest quality local support for sales, installation and expansion
  • Selection and Flexibility
  • Know if anything goes wrong with your irrigation system immediately

Simple. Convenient. Affordable.

McCrometer CONNECT is an ideal solution for farmers, growers, irrigators and agribusinesses who may be searching for information and solutions on how wireless technology monitors irrigation and crop fields, and ultimately how the data can be utilized to improve overall yields, input costs, crop health and more. Rest assured, whether you've been using wireless solutions for years or are new to the technology, McCrometer CONNECT makes it easy :

  • Avoid over or under watering
  • Set alarms for critical events
  • Make timely decisions about power, fertilizer, chemicals and labor
  • Receive data anytime, anywhere: at the home, in the office, out in the field or on the road
  • Determine equipment logistics and staff deployment

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Communication Options

  • Satellite
  • Cellular
  • Radio UHF
  • Spread Spectrum

Access Data via

  • Smart Phone
  • Tablet
  • Personal Computer
  • Email, Text or Voice Mail

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