Thru-Wall Level Switch FLD–32 “Flexi Watch”


Thru-Wall Level Switch FLD–32 “Flexi Watch” | Dinel-Level and Flow Measurement

Thru-Wall Level Switch FLD–32 “Flexi Watch”

Thru-wall level switches FLD–32 "Flexi Watch" is designed for an indication of the presence of (conductive or non-conductive) liquids in glass or plastic vessels. The sensitivity and switching mode can simply be set up using the "programming" wire or magnetic pen, depending on the type of sensor used. The sensor housing is made of flexible polyurethane material with a self-adhesive layer and holes for fastening bands.


  • For limit level sensing of liquids in non-conductive tanks (through the non-conductive wall of the vessels or pipelines)
  • The sensor is designed with a high-frequency technology, enabling reliable function even in case of adhering conductive media
  • Miniature performance in a flexible housing, optional installation on a slightly curving surfaces
  • Attached using a self-adhesive layer or special fastening bands
  • Configuration and setup using the "programming" wire or magnetic pen
  • LED status indication

Status Indication

control lamp function
orange LEDpermanent shine – the sensor is closed
dark – the sensor is open
fast flashing (0.2 s interval) * – setup error **
slow flashing (0.8 s interval) – short-circuit at the output of the sensor.

* Sensor with "S" type of output, with each flash of LED, is closed for approx. 3 ms. This is a sufficiently short period to avoid unwanted contact-making of the connected relay. For binary inputs, we recommend setting up the filtration so that pulses shorter than 3 ms are not detected.
** Setting of the close (open) limits to the same level or erroneous resolution between the "close" and "open" levels (low medium permittivity).

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Supply voltage 6 ... 30 V DC
Current consumption (idle-circuit condition) max. 0.6 mA
Switched current (min. / max.) 3.3 / 40 mA
Residual voltage in the closed statemax. 6 V
Max. switching frequency1 Hz
Ambient temperature range -20 ... +70 °C
The diameter of the vessel for the attachment of the sensor min. 300 mm
The maximum thickness of the vessel wall
conductive liquids8 mm
non-conductive liquids with Ɛr < 10*3 mm
Protection class IP 67
Housing material polyurethane
Type of connection cablePUR 3 x 0.14 mm2
Weight (including 2m cable) about 40 g
Weight (without cable)10 g

Download Catalog: THRU-WALL LEVEL SENSOR FLD-32 “FLEXI WATCH” Dinel, Level and Flow Measurement