MPM4780W, Microsensorcorp-Level Transmitter

MPM4780W, Microsensorcorp-Level Transmitter
MPM4780W, Microsensorcorp-Level Transmitter[/caption]

MPM4780W Intelligent Level Transmitter is a highly integrated measurement product with high stability. It uses an intelligent processing circuit, the most advanced design, and manufacturing technology of the piezoresistive pressure transmitter, and is available for pressure signal and temperature signal output that in accordance with standard MODBUS-RTU protocol. Featuring integrated design, standard digital output, great compatibility, small size, high accuracy, lightweight, and wide pressure range, it can be applied in many fields that involve high accuracy required measurement of fluids. It also can take replace of level transmitters in the form of MODBUS-RTU protocol output by providing level type measurement for users


  • RS485 communication interface, Standard MODBUS-RTU Protocol output
  • Netting available
  • Short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection
  • Full stainless steel construction, compact size, lightweight
  • Good output consistency and replaceability
  • Available for calibration and parameter change on-site through matched software of computer

Assistant Software

MPM4780 Transmitter Software

RS232/485 Conversion module is used to communicate with the RS485 interface transmitter, available for real-time pressure/temperature display and calibration on site.

Some parameters calibration was done before being transported to the factory, so users do not have to modify them. When mistaken operations happen, users can push “Back to Factory Setting” to turn it to a factory setting. Besides, the software keeps the Data Record section, which allows users to set the recording interval freely for recording and saving data, and the data can be saved in the forms of “*.Excel”.

Communication Connector



Inner plug pin colorOuter Electrical Connection
Wire Color
+V1 (Black)Black
-V2 (Red)Red
RS485B4 (White)White
RS485A5 (Yellow)Yellow


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Overpressure1.5 times FS / 1100bar (min. value is valid)
Pressure typeGauge/ Absolute/ Sealed gauge
Power Supply9V~28V DC
Output signalRS485 Interface(MODBUS-RTU protocol)
Thermal drift±0.04%FS/℃ (≤1bar); ±0.03%FS/℃ (>1bar)



±2℃ (For “temperature & pressure type” only)
Application Temp.-10℃ ~70℃
Storage Temp.-20℃ ~85℃
Insulation100V, 100M
Shock20g, 25Hz~2000Hz
Impact100g, 11ms
HousingStainless steel 304
DiaphragmStainless steel 316L
O- RingViton


Download Datasheet: MPM4780W, Microsensor Level Transmitter