Our High Efficiency/Low Noise Electric Motor, Paragon Pump-(PEM Series)

Our High Efficiency / Low Noise Electric Motor (PEM Series)

PEM Series motors are available in Squirrel Cage and Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) designs offering high efficiency and low noise. The motors are built to IP54 with Class F insulation but the junction box conforms to IP55. The three-phase motors are available in fifteen (15) frame sizes with rated output from 0.25 HP (0.18 kW) to 425 HP (315 kW). Motors can be mounted horizontally or vertically. PEM motors are widely used to drive various types of machinery such as blowers, pumps, compressors, machine tools, etc.

Motor Features

  • IP54 enclosure, IP55available on request
  • ClassF insulation. ClassHavailableon request
  • 380/415 Volt50/60 Hz windings
  • High-quality magnet wire
  • Vacuum varnishim pregnation for superior tropic proof insulation
  • Continuous SI operation
  • Industrialtypeservicefactors
  • Heavy-duty ball bearings
  • High strength cast iron1rame
  • Balanced rotors


  • Water dust and vermin resistant
  • Quiet operation
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Reliable country, city, or factory environments
  • Very low vibration
  • Very low power consumption
  • Superior life

Technical Data

  • Horsepower range: 0.25HP to 425 HP. (0.18 kW to 315 kW)
  • Speed range: 700 to 3500 RPM and 600 to 2900 RPM
  • Power Source: 3phase, 60 Hz, 230/460v and 50Hz, 380v
  • Operating temperature: 5°F to +104°F (-15°C to 40°C).
  • Enclosure type: Squirrel Cage and TEFC.
  • Protection class: IP54 (frame), IP55 (junction box).
  • Insulation class: F.

Paragon Pump Company was founded by a group of dedicated professionals with over ninety (90) years of experience in the Pump Industry. The parent company is located in Tampa, Florida and Paragon Pump Asia Pte, Ltd. is based in Singapore.

All of our pumps have been thoroughly evaluated and tested to assure the highest quality in workmanship and performance. All pumps are manufactured to rigid international specifications in facilities certified to ISO 9001.

Paragon Pump Asia is lead by Mr. S. S. Khoo, Managing Director, with twenty-five (25) years in the Pump Industry, selling Worthington, Ingersoll Rand, Weinman, Crane Deming, Burks, Barnes, and TKL pumps. Ken Lim and Dennis Goh, Directors, have worked fifteen (15) years each in the Pump Industry.

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