Parago pump-Centrifugal Pump

Parago pump-Centrifugal Pump
Parago pump-Centrifugal Pump |  PIL Series

PIL series is a single-stage close-coupled type in-line centrifugal pump. It is driven by a TEFC standard electric motor according to IEC & DIN standards
. The top pulls out a design for fast and easy maintenance. It is a series of vertical in-line pumps based on the European Standard BS EN733 / DIN24255.

As in-line pumps, they are used for pumping clean water or liquids with characteristics similar to water, with sorts of applications ranging from plants, mines, city water supplies, air conditioning, to fire fighting system, cooling, environmental machinery, irrigation, and so on.

PIL pumps can be varied in working performance through impeller trimming. Close-coupled mounting makes it possible to assemble the pump without a motor. Using IEC standard electric motors provides a wide range of motors to select from. The extra bearing will keep the pump stable in running and performance. With a vertical structure, the PIL pump is simple in view, compact in size, less room-required for installation while in no need for complex maintenance.


Vertical, Single-Stage, Volute Casing, Centrifugal Pump, referring to performance standard from BS EN733 / DIN24255


In-line, IEC standard electric motors


DIN2332 PNl ORF, optional ANSI Bl 6.5 Class300lb

Direction of rotation

Clockwise viewing from the drive side


Casing     - Cast Iron standard,

optional Ductile Iron

Impeller   - Bronze standard, optional

Cast Iron or Stainless Steel

Shaft        - SS420 standard, optional SS304 or SS3 l 6

Shaft Seal - Mechanical Seal Standard

[Carbon - Ceramic / Viton, optional Carbon - Silicon/ Viton)

Technical Data

  • Max Capacity: 440 GPM (100m3/h).
  • Max Head: 262 feet (80m).
  • Max Power: 40HP (30kw).
  • Max Impeller: 9.8 inches (250mm).
  • Liquid Temperature: 5°F to 248°F
    (-15°C to 120°C).
  • Suction & Discharge: DN 32 to 100.
  • Max Working Pressure: 232psi (16bar).
  • Mechanical Seal: According to DIN 24960 self-lubrication, unbalanced type.
  • Flange: According to DIN2501 PN16.
  • Electric Motor: TEFC type / IP55 / Class F, single phase up to 3 HP (2.2kw).


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