Programmable Control Unit PCU–100, Dinel-Level and Flow Measurement



Programmable control unit PCU–100 is used for measurement, displaying, and archiving of the physical value (liquid level, pressure, flow, temperature, etc.). One transducer of physical magnitude with an analog 4-20 mA output can be connected to the unit.

Different types of conversion (converting) characteristics (linear, square, root, and user-defined), may be selected, also the tank dimensions for conversion to the volume of the media may be specified. The unit is also available in the version without a graphic LCD that is replaced with the status LEDs. The unit has a battery-backed real-time circuit. Archiving with a user-defined period takes place on the internal flash memory with a capacity sufficient for more than 500,000 samples. Data can be exported to a micro SD card for additional processing.

User configuration is possible through a regular desktop application after connecting a PC via a micro USB connector located on the front panel of the unit. For the version fitted with an LCD, the configuration is also possible using the graphical menu and four membrane keys.

The unit is equipped with one input settings in the hardware configuration according to the type of unit. One relay output is fully user-configurable, including the possibility of two-state control. The functionality of the unit is expandable with optional modules. The units are built into the ABS / PC instrument boxes intended for wall mounting. The connection terminal is located inside the device.

Variant of Sensors

The unit is available in two versions. The makes are different by the front panel appearance. Both versions have a micro USB connector to connect a computer to configure the unit via the configuration application and micro SD card slot for exports of the recorded data.

  • PCU–100–D Front panel with a graphic LCD and a membrane keypad. The entry depending on configuration (for connecting one sensor), one relay output.
  • PCU–100–L The front panel without an LCD with status LEDs. The entry depending on configuration (for connecting one sensor), one relay output

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Supply voltage 85 - 253 V AC
Rated power consumption6 VA
Outlet1 × SSR relay max. 250 V AC / 100 mA
Inletactive current loop (4 - 20 mA)
power supply 24 V +/- 10%, serial impedance <110 Ω
Measuring accuracy+/- 0,1 %
Display typegraphical LCD 132 × 32 px with backlight
ControlFoil keypad - 4 buttons, PC program - connect the micro USB
Internal memory size min. 500,000 records
Archiving Perioduser-adjustable (1 sec to 8 hours)
The menu language Czech, English
Dimensions 110 × 80 × 65 mm
Weight 320 g
Housing - material ABS/PC
Protection class IP 65
Ambient working temperature-25°C to +50°C

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