Tracer Air™ LTTA Non-Contact Radar Level Transmitter (up to 98ft)

Tracer Air™ LTTA Non-Contact Radar Level Transmitter (up to 98ft) 

Tracer Air™ LTTA Non-Contact Radar Level Transmitter (up to 98ft)

The Tracer Air™ Radar Level Transmitter is accurate, easy to use, and cost-efficient. Featuring through the air technology, the radar level antenna emits narrow microwave pulses that transmit down the antenna. The signal comes into contact with the application surface then reflects back to the device. The Tracer Air™ is pre-calibrated at our facility for easy installation. Some typical applications include corrosive or non-corrosive liquid level monitoring, small tank or process vessel, bulk tote tanks, and difficult measurement applications.

Features and benefits

  • Small antenna size, non-contact radar, rugged design
  • Pre-calibrated for easy installation and setup
  • No moving parts
  • Measures solids or liquids
  • Cost 20 to 30% less on average than other brands
  • Ideal for difficult levels measurement applications such as vapor, steam, pressure, change of temperature, dust, and foam.
  • High SNR, even in the case of fluctuations results in the accurate performance
  • High frequency, the best choice to measure solids and low dielectric media
  • HART® 2-Wire System
  • Intrinsically Safe (Exia IIC T6 Ga)
  • Economically priced


The Tracer Air™ radar level transmitter features through the air technology which emits narrow microwave pulses down the cone-shaped antenna. The microwave signal comes in contact with the measured medium surface and reflects back to the antenna. The signal is transmitted to the electronic circuit and partly converts to level signals (as microwave featured with high propagation speed, it is almost instantaneous for the electromagnetic waves to reach the target and return to the receiver).

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Measuring RangeSS 304: 98 feet (30 meters)
PTFE: 65 feet (20 meters)
Process Connection1½ NPT
Antenna MaterialSS 304 or PTFE
Application Temperature -40ºF to 482ºF (-40ºC to 250ºC)
Process Pressure-0.1 ~ 4.0 Mpa
Frequency Range26GHz
Signal Output 4-20mA / HART®(Two-wire / Four) RS485/Modbus
Cable Entry1/2 NPT
Hazardous LocationIntrinsically Safe (Exia IIC T6 Ga)

Download Datasheet: Tracer Air™ LTTA Non-Contact Radar Level Transmitter (up to 98ft), Flocorp-Level Transmitter