Ryuki FLO-PL series Variable Area Flow Meter

A high-precision area-type flow meter that can directly read the instantaneous flow rate of various liquids and gases from the scale on the glass tube indicated by the float.

Specifications :

Measuring fluid

: Liquid (water, cooling water, transparent liquid)
: Gas (air, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, etc.)

Scale range

: 10: 1

Flow rate

: Liquid 7 70L / min
: Gas 90-900NL / min

Body material

: Brass (BS), SUS304, SS, etc.

Tapered tube material

: Hard glass

Float material

: Liquid SUS304 SUS316
: Gaseous aluminum


: NBR, CR (neoprene), Viton

Connection method

: Rc connection

Port size

: Refer to the measurement range table

Flow rate accuracy

: Within ± 2% FS

Mounting direction

: Vertical direction

Flow direction

: Please specify by model code

Maximum working pressure

: 0.7MPa

Maximum operating temperature

: 80 (Varies depending on the material)
: Thermal shock 50 or less

External dimensions

: Refer to the measurement range table

Model :

  • FLO-PL1: Flow direction can be selected
  • FLO-PL2: Flow direction: Bottom⇒Top
  • FLO-PL3: Flow direction: Side bottom⇒Side top
  • FLO-PL4: Flow direction: Back bottom⇒Back top
  • FLO-PL4 with valve: Flow direction: Back bottom⇒Back top
  • FLO-PL9: Existing (previous) model: FLO-PL-4S
  • FLO-L65
  • FLO-L68

Data Sheet: Ryuki FLO-PL Series Variable Area Flow Meter

Reference: http://www.ryuki.jp

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