Brainchild BTC-9090 Established Process and Temperature Controllers

The BTC-9090 is a new generation miniature controller using the latest SMD technology. Assembly is fully automatic and the units are checked and configured by computer. The software has been refined over several years and offers a very logical menu structure and high noise immunity. Using a unique command called SEL, the user has some flexibility in which parameters are accessible in level 2 of the menu.

This is of great value for users as it is easy to limit access to suit the application specifically. With 4 digit resolution and fully programmable decimal point, the 9090 can be configured for linear voltage and current inputs and with the addition of a single module, with 4-20mA control output. This is one of the most versatile units available. Manual control of the output is possible and Offset and Shift functions allow process values to be readily corrected for instinct offsets and in-site calibrations.


  • Full 4 digit display.
  • Autotune PID.
  • Input user selectable.
  • 90-240 VAC supply.
  • Ramp rate function.
  • Timer function.
  • SEL function.
  • Optional 4-20 mA input.
  • 4-20 mA control output version.
  • Three-level software access.
  • Safety: UL, CSA
  • EMC, LVD: CE

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Thermocouple (T/C): type J, K, T, E, B, R, S, N.
RTD: PT100 ohm RTD (DIN 43760/BS1904 or JIS)
Linear: -10 to 60mV, configurable input attenuation.
Range: User-configurable, refer to Table above.
Accuracy: Refer to Table above
Cold Junction Compensation:0.1°C / °C ambient typical.
Sensor Break Protection: Protection mode configurable.
External Resistance:100 ohms max.
Normal Mode Rejection:60dB
Common Mode Rejection:120dB
Sample Rate:3 times / second


Proportion Band.0-100% of SPAN
Rest (Integral):0-3600 seconds
Rate (Derivative):0-1000 seconds
Ramp Rate:0-2000°C / Hour (0-3600°F / Hour)
Dwell:0-3600 minutes
Anti-Reset Windup: Inhibit integral action outside P band
ON-OFF: With adjustable hysteresis (0-20% of SPAN)
Cycle Time:0-120 seconds
Control Action: Direct (for cooling) and reverse (for heating)


Process Display:0.4” red LED, 4 digits
Setpoint Display:0.3” green LED, 4 digits
Status Indicator: Control-green LED, Alarm-red LED


Rating:90-240VAC; 50/60Hz
Consumption: Less than 5VA


Operating Temperature:-10 to 50°C
Humidity:0 to 90% RH (no-condensing)
Insulation:20M ohms min. (500VDC)
Breakdown: AC2000V, 50/60Hz, 1 minute
Vibration:10-55Hz, amplitude 1mm
Shock:200 m/s2 (20g)
Weight:170 grams

Range and Accuracy of Input

INSensorInput TypeAccuracy (°C)Range (°C)
0JIron-Constantan-50 to 999°C±2°C
1KChromel-Alumel-50 to 1370°C±2°C
2TCopper-Constantan-270 to 400°C±2°C
3EChromel-Constantan-50 to 750°C±2°C
4BPt30%RH/Pt6%RH300 to 1800°C±2°C
5RPt13%RH/Pt0 to 1750°C±2°C
6SPt10%RH/Pt0 to 1750°C±2°C
7NNicrosil-Nisil-50 to 1300°C±2°C
8RTDPT100 ohms (DIN)-200 to 450°C±0.4°C
9RTDPt100 ohms (JIS)-200 to 450°C±0.4°C
10Linear-10mV to 60mV-1999 to 9999±0.05%