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Maeda Koki MKCTV Water, Oil, Air Signal Indicator

It is equipped with a protective cover superior in the reliable durability in the severe environment. Confirmation and adjustment of the flow quantity of the oil, water, and oil are possible.


  • It shows flow quantity by viewing
    Because use a transparent taper pipe, with a ball (or afloat) and the indication red line
    I can confirm the approximate flow quantity by looking at the position concerned.
  • With flow quantity adjustment valve
    By adjusting a miniature valve a ball (or afloat) at the position of the indication red line
    The setting of flow quantity that is necessary by putting it together is possible.
  • With protective cover
    By a metal protective cover, I reduce the possibility of the damage by shocks from the outside.
  • The installation direction does not matter
    The posture when attaching it as using a spring inside looks up and look down; and
    I can perform sideways-facing freely.

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 Protest a formFor copper pipe
FluidOil, Water, AirOil
(the exit side)
Rc internal threadThe change to R screw is possible, too.
The connection of the valve becomes only the R screw.
The reference mentioned above
Heat-resistant temperatureA maximum of 80 degrees Celsius-A maximum of 80 degrees Celsius
Withstand pressure1MPa-1MPa
MaterialsTransparent taper pipeAcrylic-Acrylic
CouplingC3604 (brass)-C3604 (brass)
Protective coverBC (gunmetal)-BC (gunmetal)
 Zipper sleeve--Cu
Cap nut--C3604 (brass)
Nylon ballNylon 66I may use a cylindrical float.Nylon 66
Miniature valveBCThe production at the valve with the check nut is possible, too.BC (gunmetal)
 O ringNitrile rubber-Nitrile rubber

Flow Rate Oil Signal

Model   Dimensions (mm)Maximum flow quantity
ConnectionFull lengthOverall widthDepth
Protest a formMKCTV20-1TL Rc1/811530513
MKCTV20-4φ 412930511.5
MKCTV20-6φ 613130513
MKCTV20-8φ 813430513
MKCTV20-10φ 1014230514

Flow Rate Air Signal


ModelDimensions (mm)Maximum flow quantity
ConnectionFull lengthOverall widthDepth
MKCTV20-1TA Rc1/81153022150

Flow Rate Water Signal

Model   Dimensions (mm)Standard specifications flow quantity
(about L/min)
ConnectionFull lengthOverall widthDepth
MKCTV20-1TW RC1/811530221-5


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