Camsco Electric TB-17 Time Switch

 CAMSCO ELECTRIC provides a wide selection of time switches to the world. CAMSCO’s automatic timer switches with several advantages, such as direct reading clock type with minute adjust knob to set time precisely to the minute, back up battery for 100 hours when power failure and attractive design. TB-17 is one of Camsco Electric time switch products.


  • Model No. : TB-17
  • Movement type : AC type
  • Rated Voltage : 110V / 200-220V / 240V
  • Voltage Tolerance : 85-120V / 170-240V / 220-260V
  • Frequency : 50/60Hz (Selection type)
  • Power Consumption : 1.5W
  • Time precision : Same as AC frequency
  • Ambient Temperature : -10℃ ~ +50℃
  • Resistive Load : 250V AC 15A
  • Lamp Load : 100V AC 1500W, 200V AC 3000W
  • Inductive Load : 10A (cosĪ†=0.7 or more)
  • Motor Load : 100V AC 750W, 200V AC 1500W
  • Minimum Setting Unite : 15 minutes units
  • Minimum Setting Interval : 30 minutes
  • No. of ON-OFF Operations : Standard 6 operations Maximum, 48 operations are possible
  • Weight : 270g

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Operating instructions

Before operating this set, please adjust the selector located at the front left side of the body to the adequate frequency.
  • Set the time-setting pins at the desired times
    Push the time-setting pins onto the dial position indicating the selected time
    - To turn the load on, use a red pin.
    - To turn the load off, use a white pin.
    - Push the time-setting pin firmly into place.
  • Set the present time
    Turn the dial to the right in the direction of the arrow until the present time position on the dial is aligned with the present time arrow.
  • Set the manual ON-OFF switch
    Turn the manual ON-OFF switch to the right in the direction of the arrow to turn the load ON or OFF
    - When the load circuit continues ON or OFF for a long time, please operate manual ON-OFF switch after you have removed all time-setting pins.
    - When the time-setting pin is within 1 hour of the present time, the manual ON-OFF switch should not be turned


  • To set the correct time turn the dial in the direction of the arrow (clockwise) and set the Present time.
  • Please observe the rated voltage and voltage tolerance of the time switches for adequate use.
  • If the load capacity exceeds the rating an electromagnetic switch is required.
  • Do not use the time switch where :
    - the ambient temperature goes below -10℃ or above +50℃
    - there is much dust
    - there is much moisture
    - outdoors or where it will be exposed to rain or water
    - there is much vibration
  • Do not forget to set to the correct time in case of lost time due to the suspension of electric current.