Sonic WA-790 Clean Room Ultrasonic Anemometer 3-D


Sonic DA-790 is an application for the reality grasp, the planning and the evaluating of airflow in a cleanroom.


  • Measurement of 3-Dimensional Wind Velocity Components
    With the combination of three-axis of x, y, and z, you can get very precise wind speed & direction.
  • Measurement of 0m/sec Wind Velocities and 0.5 sec in Response
    Free from self-heating, capable of measuring wind speed from 0m/sec.
  • Measurement of Turbulent Airflow
    Capable of measuring the turbulent airflow caused by the facilities, in the cleanroom.
  • Fluctuating Temperature/Humidity Effect Free Observation
    Theoretically zero error, free from the change in temperature.


  • Measurement mode: Time-sharing transmission/reception switching type ultrasonic pulse emission
  • Measurement range: 0~ 10 m/s
  • Accuracy: ±(2%+0.02m/s of the absolute value of indicated value) At the main wind direction after measure zero adjustment
  • Resolution: 0.005m/s (wind)
  • Power source: AC100~240V±10%

『Attached software (WASP-007N)』

    • OS: :Windows 7, 10
    • Communication: USB port
      ・ Real-time monitoring
      ・ Change of wind velocity is displayed on the pen plotter screen
      ・ Data logging and playback
      ・ Three-dimensional display of airflow
      ・ Observing of multi-points and Viewing of multi-angles
      ・ Data save in JPEG and AVI

Data Sheet: Sonic WA-790 Ultrasonic Anemometer For clean room