Clearview Value Flow Meter AW Lake

AW Lake is a corporate from United States of America that sell some product such as Positive Displacement Meters, Turbine Flow Meters, Tricor Coriolis Flow Meter, Lake Variable Area Flow Meter, Lake Paddle Wheel Flow Meter "Flow Stat", Monitor&Controllers. One of the product that comes from the categories of Lake Variable Area Flow Meter is Clearview Value Flow Meter.

Clearview Value Flow Meter

ClearView Flow Meter is an economical way to monitor water flows, observe case drain flows and verify pump outputs. The ClearView Value Flow Meter is used for water and hydraulic oil flow measurement. This flow meter is an economical way to monitor municipal pressure water flows, observe case drain flows, and verify pump outputs. The transparent body on this variable area flow meter allows for visual inspection of fluid conditions to diagnose any problems at a glance.


  • Visual Inspection of Fluid: The transparent body allows for visual inspection of fluid conditions. Diagnose problems at a glance.
  • Unrestricted Mounting: Allows for horizontal, vertical or inverted installation and does not require straight plumbing on inlet or outlet.
  • Compact Design: Measures less than 8” long and 2-7/16” diameter with a rigid tube and union nut design.
  • Multiple Materials and Calibrations Available: With a variety of wetted materials of construction and media calibrations, the meter will be well suited to your process.
  • Sensing Method Assures Accuracy: The proven variable area piston metering assembly provides accurate, dependable flow rate indication.


The flow meter can be installed directly in the fluid line without flow straighteners or special piping. The meter is used to measure the flow rate of most liquids which do not contain particles greater than 74 micron.

  1. The casing is made of either Polycarbonate or Polysulphone materials permitting use with a variety of media.
  2. The meter may be mounted in the most convenient location, in any orientation to allow easy access for reading and maintenance.
  3. The meter should NOT be mounted near hot pipes or equipment which can cause damage to the pressure vessel.
  4. The meter should not be mounted in a manner such that piping misalignment or other system components can exert force or produce a bending movement on the pressure vessel.
  5. To retain accuracy and repeatability internal moving parts are closely toleranced and require filtration of at least 74 micron or a 200 mesh screen.

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Measuring Accuracy: ±2% of full scale

Repeatability: ±1% of full scale

Flow Measuring Range: 1-30 GPM (5-110 LPM)

Maximum Operating Pressure: 325 PSIG (22.4 Bar

Maximum Operating Temperature

  • ClearView H2O 200°F (93°C) (water only)
  • ClearView+ 250°F (121°C)

Standard Calibration Fluids

  • Oil monitors: DTE 25® @110°F (43°C), 0.873 sg
  • Water monitors: tap water @70°F (21°C), 1.0 sg

Filtration Requirements: 74 micron filter or 200 mesh screen minimum

Download Data Sheet: Clearview Value Flow Meter