Copal Illuminated Pushbutton Switches

Illuminated Pushbutton Switches Products

Copal TM/TR Illuminated pushbutton switch  - Ultra-Miniature Pushbutton Switches

Features :

  • Long Travel
    DPDT ultra-miniature switch with long travel (latch position: 1 mm, total travel: 1.5 mm).
  • High Contact Reliability
    Clip type contact mechanism ensures high reliability.
  • PC Board Mount
    The terminal pitch is in inches (multiples of 2.54 mm) for all models. The unique terminal shape prevents the terminal pins from coming loose from the PC board during dip soldering.
  • Epoxy Sealed Terminals
    Epoxy-sealed terminals prevent the ingress of flux.
  • Wide Variety of Accessories
    A wide selection of accessories including color buttons, mounting frames, and LED illuminations are available
  • Unified Mounting Height
    The mounting height of the TP/TPL series is the same as the LTR/LTM series which makes it convenient to design into the same panel.

Specifications :

  • Rating :
    • Silver-plated contacts 0.1A 30VDC max.
    • Gold plated contacts 0.1A 30VDC max. 1μA min.
  • Initial contact resistance
    • Silver-plated contacts: 50mΩ max.(1.5mA 200μ VAC)
    • Gold plated contacts: 100mΩ max.(1.5mA 200μ VAC)
  • Dielectric strength: 500VAC 1 minute
  • Insulation resistance 100MΩmin. 500VDC)
  • Electrical life:  10,000 operations
  • Operating force :
    • TP 1.47±0.98N(Momentary)
    • TPL 2.45±0.98N(Push to lock)
  • Temperature range :
    • Operating: -10~+70℃
    • Storage: -25~+85℃

Part Numbering Construction :

  • Copal LTR/LTM Illuminated pushbutton switch
  • Copal LTM3-01 Illuminated pushbutton switch 
  • Copal TP/TPL Illuminated pushbutton switch 
  • Copal DP1-2-3 Illuminated pushbutton switch 
  • Copal CFPB Illuminated pushbutton switch