Fcon CUBE GM-X Series Touch panel Gas Mixer

Feature :

  • CUBEGM-X Series is an all-in-one unit that has a Touch panel, PLC unit, Mass Flow Controller, Power supply, Valve, Check Valve, and Gas Mixer.
  • Program operation: Program operation is possible by setting the flow rate and time of each line.
  • Alarm function: An alarm sound is notified if an error occurs by any upper / lower limit setting of each line flow rate.
  • Simply connect the piping to the IN side and OUT side.
  • CUBEGM-X Series is a device that supplies a mixed gas species of 2, 3, and 4 to set up and control any of the flow rates.
  • Analog mass flow controller [1000 Series] is mounted as a standard feature.
  • A mass flow controller, which flows control range is from 10SCCM to 50SLM, can be mounted as a standard. In other cases, please contact us.
  • Can be reduced the cost when you use a Gas mixer than you purchase gas cylinders that have been prepared in the mixing ratio.
  • It can be used for a wide range of applications such as analysis, environment, bio, packaging, medical, and gas welding.
  • Applicable gases: Inert gas. (For more information, please contact us)

Specification :


CUBEGM-X2 : W350×D400×H280(mm) Except protrusion
CUBEGM-X3 : W430×D400×H280(mm) Except protrusion
CUBEGM-X4 : W510×D400×H280(mm) Except protrusion

Built-in MFC

C1000series / C2000series (manufactured by FCON)
or FCST1000 seriesmanufactured by Fujikin

Current consumption

MAX 2.3A In the case of 4 mass flow controllers equipped with

Flow range*

 (However, the mixed gas flow rate must be less than 50 SLM)

Flow rate control

MFC : C1000 Series or FCST1000L Series

Flow rate output signals


Flow rate control range

 (However, the mixed gas flow rate must be less than 50 SLM)

Operating differential pressure

Conform to built-in mass flow controller specification

Pressure Resistance

Conform to built-in mass flow controller specification

Operating environment

550°CAccuracy guaranteed between 1535°C)
85RHNo condensation permitted

Leak Integrity

5×10-7Pam3/sec (He)

Wetted surface material

SUS316, PTFE, Fluoro-Rubber (FCST1000L Series:
Magnetic stainless steel, Fluoro-Rubber, or Chloroprene rubber)

Standard Fitting

1/4in.SWL (equivalent) ※ For other fitting, please contact us.

Inlet and Outlet valves

Solenoid Valve

Mass flow control

Touch panel operation

Input power



AC cable (2m), User's manual, Written Guarantee

*At FCON, flow rates (SCCM, SLM) are converted to values at 0°C,
101.3kPa abs (1atm) for calibration

May be changed items depending on the number of mass flow controllers.
For the other specifications, please contact us.

Data Sheet: Fcon CUBEGMX Touch Panel Gas Mixer


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