DPT-2000 Delta Mobrey Temperature Transmitter

The model DPT-2000 Temperature Transmitter is suitable for measuring temperatures between -200°C and 550°C, and comes with custom probe lengths and various thermowell options.

The DPT-2000 SMART Temperature Transmitters are suitable for measuring the temperature of gases, vapours and liquids. The active sensing element is either a Pt100 resistance thermometer or a thermocouple depending on model.  The casing is made of cast aluminium alloy or 316 stainless steel with degree of protection IP66/IP67. The design of the casing enables the use of a local display, rotation of the display by 90° and a choice of cable direction.

ATEX certified for use in Zone 1/21 Hazardous Areas (Zone 0/20 coming soon!), a range of different thermowell types and inserting lengths and with measuring ranges from -200°C to 550°C, the DPT-2000 Temperature Transmitters are suitable for a wide range of temperature monitoring applications.

One unique feature of all models in the D-Series is the backlit LCD display which facilitates local monitoring in light deficient environments by enhancing display visibility.

The D-Series can also be supplied with Delta’s user-friendly ‘D-Soft’ remote communication software.  Using the HART communication protocol, this software provides users with a convenient way to calibrate, configure and monitor the instrument by connecting it to a PC via Delta’s USB/Bluetooth to HART converter.


  • Identification of individual transmitter
  • Configuration of output parameters
  • Readings of currently measures values
  • Enforcement of output current with a given value
  • Transmitter calibration
  • Zeroing
  • High accuracy ±0.075%
  • 4-20mA analogue with digital communications
  • Fully HART ® compatible
  • Programmable range, zero shift, characteristic and damping ratio with local panel keys
  • ATEX certified (Intrinsic Safety, Flameproof)


  1. Cost-Effective

    The D-Series offers customers a high specification and comprehensive product range at very competitive prices

  2. Backlit LCD Display

    A backlit display facilitates local monitoring in light deficient environments by enhancing display visibility

  3. Easily configurable

    The D-Series transmitters are easily set up and configured either using a standard HART communicator or via Delta’s user-friendly ‘D-Soft’ communication software.

  4. Accuracy

    The D-Series transmitters have a standard accuracy of 0.075% with even better accuracy being available upon request


The DPT-2000 is suitable for a wide range of applications in many industry sectors:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Power

The choice of models available ensures that the DPT-2000 is:

  • Suitable for use in corrosive atmospheres
  • Resistant to chemical attack

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Metrological parameters:

  • (0.05 + 0.05%×z + 0.001·|t|)°C for sensor Pt100
  • (0.5 + 0.05%×z)°C for sensor K i t L 375°C
  • (0.5 + 0.05%×z + 0.002·(t-375))°C for sensor K i t > 375°C

Electrical parameters:

  • Power supply: 12...55 V DC (Ex 13.5...28 V)
  • Additional voltage drop when display illumination switched on: 3 V
  • Output signal: 4...20 mA + Hart protocol, ATEX certificate

Download Data Sheet: DPT 2000 Temperature Transmitter

Ref: delta-mobrey.com