Fcon PA01 Series Control Power Supply and Signal Cable

Control power supply PA01 Series and a signal cable are required to control the mass flow controller 1000 Series. PA01 Series has two types of Control Power Supply, Floor-standing "PA01S" and Panel Mount "PA01PS" with compact size.

Feature :

  • Improved performance and reliability by basic functions pursuing original technology.
  • The suppression of Flow surge (overshoot) at the start (Requires more than 30 seconds of an interval).
  • Input & Output Signal: Analog (0~5VDC)
  • To control the mass flow controller, a control power supply and a signal cable are required.

Specification :


: PA01PSPanel mount type/PA01SFloor standing type

Input Power

: AC100-240V

Mass flow power

: 05VDCSetting Signal +15VDC300mA  -15VDC200mA

Mass flow control

: 10-turn potentiometer

Mass flow output

: 05VDC

Flow rate setting/output display

: 0100(*1)

Display switching (setting/output)

: Toggle switch


: D-sub9Pin female

Operating environment

: 550°CAccuracy guaranteed between1535°C85RH
No condensation permitted

Mass flow input/output

: 05VDCLinked to the display switching toggle switch

1. Flow rate display setting changes are possible.

Signal Cable :

The signal cable connects the mass flow controller and controls the power supply.
① SC01: 1m
② SC02: 2m
③ SC03: 3m

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Reference: http://www.fcon-inc.jp

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