Ryuki GCF Type Multifunctional digital differential pressure flow meter

Multifunctional digital differential pressure type flow meter that can select the instantaneous flow rate and integrated flow rate measurement. It is used in air conditioning water lines, pure cooling devices, etc., and can handle up to a maximum diameter of 300A


Measuring fluidLiquid (fluid that does not corrode wetted parts), gas
Differential pressure range50kPa
Maximum allowable differential pressure700kPa (single pressure resistance)
Differential pressure display accuracy± 1.0% FS
Open / close calculation accuracy± 0.1% FS
Maximum working pressure15A to 300A
Flow rateLiquid 15000L / min
Gas 12000Nm3 / h
Minimum flow rateLiquid 4L / min
Gas 4Nm3 / h
Operating temperature80 ℃
Connection methodScrew connection flange connection (JIS10k JIS5k)
Flow rate accuracy± 3% FS
Flow directionFrom the front, right → left
Body materialOrifice block SUS314 BC / BS SS PVC
Orifice SUS304 BC / BS SS PVC
Flow rate displayInstantaneous flow rate display 3-1 / 2 digit LCD
Integrated flow rate display 7-1 / 2 digit LCD
Power outputBattery-powered
2-wire type (4 to 20mA DC, 24V DC power supply)

Reference : http://www.ryuki.jp

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