Fuel Flow Meter Mechatronics Eurosens Difference-T

Fuel Flow Meter Eurosens Difference-T is an analog-digital converter.

It is used as a part of the Fuel flow meter Eurosens Difference onboard weighing system:

  • Receives information from a sensor with an analog output.
  • Stores information about sensor calibration. Each sensor (analog input) can have up to 3 independent calibration tables.
  • Converts the sensor’s signal to a digital form according to the calibration tables.
  • Send results via the RS485 interface by LLS or MODBUS protocol.

There are some modifications of the Eurosens Difference-T controller, with a different number of analog inputs.


To make the setup of Difference-T you need Eurosens Destination 02 service kit and notebook.

Specifications :

  • Supply voltage, V 10 – 60
  • Range of input signal, V 0-5
  • Temperature range, ° C -40 – +85
  • ADC resolution: 12 bits
  • Degree of protection IP 67
  • Output interface: RS485
  • Output data protocol: LLS, MODBUS RTU