H2Scan hydrogen analyzers and leak detectors

 HY-OPTIMA™ process hydrogen analyzers, HY-ALERTA™ hydrogen leak detectors, and Gridscan 5000 product lines are currently sold in over 50 countries helping utilities, nuclear power plants, petroleum, fuel cells, industrial hydrogen and petrochemical companies, and other industrial organizations meet safety, regulatory, and process control requirements when doing critical hydrogen monitoring – often in diverse and challenging environments. Additionally, our proven analyzer technology is offered as sub-systems to OEMs for a wide range of industrial applications. H2scan technology is embedded in every dissolved gas analyzer offered by the largest transformer manufactures and transformer equipment manufactures in the world. H2scan has delivered over 15,000 hydrogen sensors for dissolved gas measurement and has included its patented autocalibration in every system sold. H2scan has never had to recalibrate a sensor used in dissolved gas analysis since 2012.

H2Scan hydrogen analyzers and leak detectors

H2Scan Has Product such as :


  1. HY-OPTIMA™ 2700 Series Explosion Proof In-line Hydrogen Process Analyzer
  2. HY-OPTIMA™ 700B Series Process Hydrogen Analyzer
  3. HY-OPTIMA™ 1700 Series Intrinsically Safe In-line Hydrogen Process Analyzer

  1. HY-ALERTA™ 2620 Explosion Proof Area Hydrogen Monitor
  2. HY-ALERTA™ 600B Fixed Area Hydrogen Monitor
  3. HY-ALERTA™ 1600 Intrinsically Safe Area Hydrogen Monitor

  1. Gridscan 5000
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