INTERTEC SD17 Switch Protection Canopy


Made of hot-pressed glassfibre reinforced polyester.
Hardly inflammable and self-extinguishing

Optional design

Standard :

  • colour :  similar to RAL 7032  light grey
  • similar to RAL 7001 silver grey
  • Option GO : similar to RAL 3000 fire red
  • similar to RAL 3000 fire red
  • anti-static  : n/a
  • antistatic to avoid
    electrostatic charges
    according to EN IEC 60079-0


Chemical or oil and gas plants, i.e. refineries, are often open-air plants. Emergency buttons and local control switches are subject to rough mechanical and environmental conditions. Malfunction often causes operation problems.

Background to the development was a falling part of a scaffolding that hit an emergency shut off button of
a German refinery and caused a damage of several million euros.

Special Advantages

  • Fits single and multiple switches
  • Very stable. Top shaped like a torus, reinforced edges, reinforced switch mounting area
  • Stable SMC GRP material , long fibre reinforced polyester, high wall thickness.
  • Passed ‘resistance to impact’ test according to IEC 60079-0 at the highest level.
  • The optional front bar provides protection againstacc idental misuse, but does not impair manual operation (even with work gloves). It can be glued or bolted at different heights by the customer.
  • Flat space for a tag at the front bar