JC Valve

We began more than 50 years ago as manufacturers of ball valves under the name of JC Valves, whose essence and values we still retain.

We have grown and evolved to become part of a large group: TTV-JC Valve Group, also thanks to the trust and loyalty of our customers, who with their suggestions motivate us to innovate and invest in new products, machinery, and resources to carry on improving day by day.

This evolution also involves a transformation in some areas with the intention of adapting to your specific, changing, and current needs and thus continuing to guarantee an unmatched service.

Our products consist of :

  1. Floating ANSI
  2. Floating DIN
  3. Trunnion Mounted
  4. Metal Seated
  5. Multi-Port
  6. Small Bore
  7. Gate
  8. Globe
  9. Check
  10. Special Construction