J.D.NEUHAUS Hydraulic, Pneumatic Hoist and Crane System

J.D. Neuhaus is the world's leading manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic hoists, crane systems, and custom solutions. Development, production, manufacture, and sale of hydraulic and pneumatic hoists and crane systems for 70 different sectors of industry, including oil and gas exploitation, raw materials processing, mining, chemical industry, heavy plant construction, and many areas of logistics. 

We have been writing hoist technology history for over 275 years and have consistently produced innovations that meet the challenges of our customers. The complete JDN production range includes a total of 12 product lines, which are precisely adapted to their respective areas of application and requirements in terms of load capacity. Moreover, we consistently set new standards with customized solutions for exceptional applications.

Our products are as below :

  1. Hoist & Trolley
  2. Integrated Systems
  3. Crane Systems

Reference: www.jdngroup.com