Jerguson Gage and Valve

Offers the world's largest selection of liquid level gage glasses, magnetic level gages, liquid level switches, and transmittersJerguson ® offers unique solutions to meet your most challenging applications. 

Our products are as below :

  1. Jerguson 360 Series Metal Seated Safety Ballcheck Valve
  2. Jerguson Armored Level Gages
  3. Jerguson Well Pad Liquid Level Gages
  4. Jerguson Safety Ballcheck Valves
  5. Jerguson Lumastar Led Illuminator
  6. Jerguson Save view
  7. Jeruson Flat Glass Gage Accessories
  8. Jerguson Magnicator Magnetic Level Indicator
  9. Jerguson Flash Proof Magnicator
  10. Magnicator With Guided Wave Radar (MGWR)
  11. Jerguson Magnicator Transmitter and Switches
  12. Jerguson Magnicator Options and Accessories
  13. Jerfuson Float and Displacer Operated Level Switches
  14. Jerguson Ultrasonic Level Switches Transmitter
  15. Jerguson Boiler Water Gage and Valve Assemblies
  16. Jerguson Tubular Glass Level Gage