Jefferson Electric Transformer

Jefferson’s innovative tradition began with the pioneering leadership of our founders, J.C. Daley and John A. Brennan in 1915. Their vision and dedication earned Jefferson a distinguished reputation for providing diverse magnetic solutions to meet everyday needs.

Jefferson produces power systems that satisfy everyday needs. Our transformers helped bring radio to life and our radar and gunfire control transformers helped our soldiers win World War II. They dried agricultural grain, dimmed theater lights, rang school bells, ran toy electric trains, and performed a variety of other, everyday functions.

Our quality and innovative tradition endures today with products such as reactor and ripple filter products for ultra-smooth elevator operation and magnetics used in solar inverters and drives systems. As products and technologies change, we change with them. Through it all, we listen to our customer’s needs and are aggressive.

Our products are as below :

  1. Ventilated Transformers
  2. Encapsulated Transformers
  3. Industrial Control Transformers
  4. Medium Voltage Transformers
  5. Custom Power Magnetic Solutions