Kobold Display, Indicator, and Control


The KOBOLD Messring GmbH is one of the leading international instrumentation engineering enterprises specialized on monitoring, measuring and regulating the physical quantities of flow through, pressure, level and temperature.

Kobold Messring GmbH has quickly established itself in the area of pressure monitoring and pressure measurement of plants. Different pressure gauges are used in a wide variety of plants worldwide and are persuading by their reliability and their low measuring tolerances. Pressure gauges can be used both for monitoring the pressure and for pressure-dependent control of plants and processes. Thanks to modern and functional pressure switches, many processes in the industry can be reliably pressure-controlled automated. This is not only a mean of optimizing the process, but in many cases also of safety, since an overpressure in the system can be reliably detected and remedied by the pressure measuring devices and pressure switches. Various pressure gauges and pressure sensors operate with relative pressure, absolute pressure, as a differential pressure gauge and raise the pressure monitoring to a new level.

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Display, Indicator, and Control

  • Kobold Flow, Humidity and Temperature Hand-Held Measuring Unit HND-F : Nearly all measuring tasks for the determination of weight and gas moisture can be performed with the HND-F series KOBOLD hand-held humidity measuring units. Various housing designs make it possible to find the right housing with the appropriate characteristic for every application.
  • Kobold DWN Paddle Bellows Flow Monitor : The new KOBOLD flow monitor DWN works according to the diaphragm plate principle.
  • Kobold FPS Paddle Bellows Flow Monitor : The KOBOLD flow monitor FPS operates according to the proven paddle bellows principle. The flowing medium acts on the paddle thus actuating a microswitch. Switching point can be freely adjusted and the device mated to different nominal pipe sizes by means of the replaceable paddle in conjunction with the additional adjustment features.
  • Kobold DFT Rotating Vane Flowmeter : There are several types of DFT, such as: Pulse Output DFT-13, Pulse Output DFT-11, and Rotating Vane Flowmeter/Counter/Dosing Electronics DFT-13.
  • Kobold DF-D Dosing Electronic Vane Flowmeter : The DF-D is one of Kobold's monitoring product
  • Kobold DF-K Digital Display Vane Flowmeter : The DF-K evaluating electronics outputs the sensor frequency signal to a display, and converts it to an analogue signal and two limit contacts. The top display line of the double-spaced display shows the flow value with measuring unit and the bottom line a bargraph indicator proportional to the measuring value.